Kevin Can F Himself Season 2: Release Date & Expectations

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Kevin Can F Himself Season 2 Release Date
Kevin Can F Himself Season 2 Release Date

Kevin Can F Himself season 2 release date is here! The AMC dark comedy starring Anne Murphy, Alex Bonifer, and Mary Hollis Inboden, in which these three actresses play the parts of three women plotting to kill one of the protagonists’ husbands “Kevin”, played by Eric Petersen, is back with more suspense and chilling things to tell us. 

The sophomore season of this series focuses on Patty and Allison going to great lengths in dealing with Neal as they push Allison to find a better exit out of her boring housewife existence. Can they do it? Come with us as we share our scoop on the upcoming season!  

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Kevin Can F Himself Season 2 Spoilers

By the end of the first season, Allison and Patty engage Neil in a combative exchange after Neil overhears their plans to kill Kevin. The hitman Allison hired, Nick, is shot, but he survives in a vegetative state. On a side note, Allison is unsure whether Sam and Jenn would make a good match because Sam wants a serious relationship with Allison. Detective Tammy and Patty begin dating, but it appears that Patty may be playing with fire, given that the detective has a hunch that something isn’t quite right.

Kevin Can F Himself Season 2 Release Date
The Second season is the final season!

To ensure that neither Neil nor Nick exposes them, Allison and Patty may need to handle the problems with them if the show returns for a second season. Because Allison works at Sam’s diner, which Jenn’s parents have funded, their relationship is further complicated. So, it may be devastating for the company if Jenn or her family learns about Allison and Sam’s relationship. We shall also find out how Patty and Tammy fare in their situation.

Kevin Can F Himself Trailer

Kevin Can F Himself Finale Recap

Nick and Allison devise a murderous scheme: Nick will break into the home, set up a heist, and kill Kevin when Allison is away. To avoid raising red flags with the police, Allison stops their relationship with Sam. She pretends that she and Kevin are trying for a child while visiting a fertility clinic. Neil confronts Kevin after finding Allison’s reproductive clinic flyer in the garbage. Patty pursues a romance with Detective Tammy in the meantime. Jenn and Sam clash. Nick ultimately decides to kill Kevin a week earlier than anticipated after being forced to depart the town, but he does not tell Allison. Allison and Kevin hear Nick breaking into the house that evening. A loud gunshot can be heard as Kevin leaves the room to investigate the noise.

Kevin had shot Nick during the break-in, and Nick had been put into a coma. Kevin decides to run for local politics after receiving appreciation from the locals for his deeds. By hiding the drugs and money in Nick’s bedroom, Allison and Patty try to expose Nick as the neighborhood drug dealer. Sam departs from Jenn and admits he wants to start dating Allison. To go on with Sam, according to Allison, would mean “giving up.”

After being questioned by Detective Tammy, Allison tricks Patty into looking through Tammy’s notepad; as a result, Patty feels terrible, and the two women argue. Neil, playing hide-and-seek with Kevin in the kitchen, overhears the quarrel and finds out Allison intends to kill Kevin. Neil says he’ll call Kevin. He chokes Allison when she reaches for his phone. Neil is bleeding profusely on the ground when Patty abruptly enters the scene and forcefully slams a bottle on his head.

Kevin Can F Himself Season 2 Release Date
Are you ready for the final season?

Where To Watch Kevin Can F Himself?

You can stream Kevin Can F Himself from Amazon Prime Video, AMC+, Sling TV, Fubo TV, The Roku Channel, and DirecTV Streaming. Moreover, you can buy the episodes from Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu Fandango, and Google Play.

Kevin Can F Himself Season 2 Release Date

Kevin Can F Himself will season 2 will release on August 22, 2022, on AMC at 21:00 hrs, Eastern Time, United States. The first couple of episodes will be available on AMC+. Also, if you have an AMC+ subscription, you will have early access to the next episode each week. 

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