Where is Footloose Filmed? Locations That You Should Know

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Footloose Filming Locations [Credits- Phoenix Pictures]

Footloose was a musical film that served as a treat for viewers in the late 1980s. Directed by Herbert Ross, the film’s focus was Ren, a teenager who enjoys music and who is in shock after discovering the fact that the small town he resides in has banned music and dance, so he goes on the journey to make the conservative town loosen up. Written by Dean Pitchford, Ric Waite did the cinematography for the film, and it held the viewers together.

Lewis J. Rachmil and Craig Zadan produced the film under Phoenix Pictures and Silver Screen Partners. Footloose was initially released in theatre on February 17, 1984, with a run time of 110 minutes. Paramount Pictures distributed the film Footloose among the audience and theatres. Footloose did well at the box office with a budget of $8.2 M with a collection of $80 M.

Scene From Footloose [Credits- Phoenix Pictures]
The audience felt Footloose was trying to do three things at the same time, and in the end, it didn’t do anything properly. Viewers also felt that Footloose was a trash film with attempts to introduce some flashy teenage characters. Footloose became the seventh highest-grossing film in the late 1980s. Footloose is known for its captivating music, including the title track.

The film’s lead cast consists of Kevin Bacon plays the role of Ren McCormack, the film’s protagonist, and a teenager; Lori Singer plays the role of Ariel Moore, a defiant teenager, Dianne West, plays the role of Vi Moore, John Lithgow, plays the role of Rev. Shaw Moore, Chris Penn plays the role of Willard Hewitt, Ren’s friend, Sarah Jessica plays the role of Rusty, John Laughlin plays the role of Woody, Elizabeth Grocey plays the role of Wendy Jo, Frances Lee plays the role of Ethel, Jim Youngs plays the role of Chuck Carnston, Timothy Scott plays the role of Andy Beamis, and Andrea Hays plays the role of Ban Warnicker.

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Footloose Premise

The film begins with Ren McCormack and his mom moving to Bomonth, a small conservative town, to live with their family. During a meeting at the church, Ren meets Reverend Shaw and his family, that has Ariel, their daughter, who is rebellious and would often go out of her way to cause trouble.

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Ariel endangers her life to break free from her father’s strict rules that do nothing but anger her family and Chuck, her boyfriend. Ren befriends Willard at his school while falling in love with Ariel, who starts to have feelings for him. Ren learns about the ban put by the Reverand in the town on dancing and singing.

Ren and Chuck get into an altercation regarding Ariel and her love for them and challenge each other to a game of chicken that Ren wins. Reverand forbids Ariel from meeting Ren as he finds Ren to be unreliable. Ren brings Ariel and William to the next town that is 100 miles away to show them the joy of dancing, and while on their way back home, Ariel reveals that Reverand persuaded the council to ban dance, drugs, and alcohol after his son died from drunk driving after a night of dancing and partying with friends.

Ren decides to challenge Shaw and get the ban removed so the Seniors can enjoy prom. Ren teaches Willard to dance so he can go to prom with Rusty with no embarrassment while Chuck confronts Ariel, and the two get into a physical fight that ends with Chuck admitting he is done with Ariel. Ariel and Ren get into a relationship following her fight with Chuck and Ren helping her in cleaning her wounds.

Still From Footloose [Credits- Phoenix Pictures]
Bricks are thrown at Ren’s house, leading to his aunt and uncle criticizing him for his outspoken nature while his mother supports him. Ren approaches the council and recites the bible verses that favor dancing, and though Shaw is impressed, they vote against his motion until Viv comes and tells the Reverand that he cannot be everyone’s father and he is failing Ariel.

Shaw doesn’t change his stance till he catches congregation members burning library books they deem as something that would destroy their youth, and Shaw realizes how uncontrollable the situation has become—footloose ends with everyone happily dancing at the senior prom held at the school.

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Footloose Filming Locations

Footloose filming was done mostly in Utah.

1. Payson

Payson, located in Gila County, is a beautiful town used by the production crew of Footloose to film the majority of the film’s scenes. Payson is also known as the heart of Arizona, and it has lively music festivals throughout the year.

Filming Location- Payson [Credits- Payson]
The crew used the location to film the scenes with the high school and the tractor contest. The crew filmed the scenes with the church and the mill scenes at the end of the film in Geneva Steel in Vineyard. The crew used the location to film the arrestment scene of Ren in Payson Memorial Park.

2. Provo

Provo is a beautiful large city located in Utah that was used by the crew of Footloose to film the scene with the drive-in. The scene was shot in the High Spot, which was a restaurant that has closed now and is no longer open to visitors.

Filming Location Of Footloose [Credits- Phoenix Pictures]
3. Hiram, Georgia

Hiram is a beautiful city located in Georgia that was used by the crew of Footloose to film the first few scenes of the film. The scene with Ren entering Bomont was shot here, and the scene with Ren’s encounter in a Salon is also shot here.

Filming Location- Hiram [Credits- Phoenix Pictures]
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