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Jeyran Episode 50: Release Date, Preview & Where To Watch

Jyran and the king
A Still from Jeyran

The release date of the Iranian drama, Jeyran episode 50 is here! For those who missed the last few episodes, this post will provide you with the synopsis of the drama, a recap of the previous episodes along with the release date, and the streaming guide of the upcoming episode.

The Iranian historical drama, Jeyran is based on the real history of Persia, which is one of the main factors contributing to the drama’s success. In order to learn more about the relationship between Jeyran and Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, who was the fourth Shah of Qajar of Iran, the viewers, especially the Turkish viewers, got interested in watching the drama. However, the drama developed a number of other subplots as the series progressed to make it more interesting, and they were successful in captivating more audiences with it.

The actors’ stunning acting skills have helped the series to successfully evoke strong emotions in viewers. Considering the period of time depicted in the series, the on-screen chemistry between the main leads has come out well.

The historical drama is the brainchild of Ehsan Javanmard and Fathi. It is directed by Hassan Fathi and produced by Esmaeil Afifeh. The series has successfully gathered an extremely talented set of actors like Parinaz Izadyar as Jeyran, Bahram Radan as Naser al-Din Shah, Amirhossein Fathi as Siavash, and Mahdi Pakdel as Salman.



Synopsis of Jeyran

Jeyran, a historical Iranian series, debuted on-screen on January 21, 2023, dominantly focuses on the relationship between Naser al-Din Shah Qajar and Siavash (Jeyran’s love interest). The drama is set in the background of the nineteenth century and narrates the story of how the fourth Shah of Qajar fell in love with a common woman, Jeyran, despite the fact that Jeyran is in love with another man named, Siavansh. The relationships get complicated in addition to the exterior struggles, as the series progresses.

With the death of the Iranian King of the Qajar Dynasty’s prime minister, Amir Kabir, Naser al-Din Shah Qajar feels distressed, which leads to him behaving nonchalantly about his surroundings. This condition of the Naser al-Din Shah concerns the mother queen as he does not seem to care about the crucial issues of the kingdom. The mother queen forces him to understand his duties but the king does not pay heed. Instead, Naser al-Din Shah Qajar tries to escape the regulations and formalities, when he goes hunting outside the city with his bodyguard, Salman.

Jeyran and the King

A Still from Jeyran

While on the hunt, the king meets Khadijeh Khanom Tajrishi, who seems to be an alluring woman with stunning eyes. Khadijeh fails to notice the king because of his disguise. But the king falls in love at first sight. He gets so attracted to her, especially her eyes, that he names her “Jeyran.”

Later, Naser al-Din Shah commands his soldiers to bring Jeyran to the palace, not knowing that “his” Jeyran is already in a relationship with Siavansh. However, when Jeyran is brought to the palace, the story starts getting more complex yet interesting. This is because, Jeyran has to face many challenges, including the mother queen, who does not believe that Jeyran’s common upbringing makes her suitable for the king.

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Jeyran Recap

In the previous few episodes, we have seen how the governor chooses the heir to the kingdom. Subsequently, we also see the king getting enraged when the princess’s wedding was disrupted by the presence of Khadijeh Chahgiri and her daughter, Abbas Mirza.

Next, we also witness the armed siege of Bushehr during the “War of Herat.” During this difficult and chaotic time, Naser al-Din Shah commands Mirza Agha Khan on how to help the country. On the other side, after the war comes to an end, we see Jiran and Glin, on the opposing side, trying to overthrow Mirza Agha Khan. At the same time, Mirza Agha Khan makes an offer to the king, as a card of leverage, by crowning him as the Head of Prince Zand.

The King

A Still from Jeyran

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Jeyran Episode 50 Release Date

Jeyran Episode 50 will be released on March 10, 2023 at 12:30 A.M. EST. The international audience do not have access to the series yet.

Jeyran Episode 50 Streaming Guide

Jeyran Episode 50 will be released only on Filimo. The creators of the Iranian drama are yet to collaborate with the global streaming platforms. 

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