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Love Mechanics Episode 10 Release Date: Will Vee And Mark Reconcile?

Love Mechanics Episode 10
Love Mechanics

Love Mechanics Episode 10 will be the final episode of the BL drama. The series follows a rather predictable plot; however, some of the scenes do speak the word ‘toxic”. When Mark was about to get hit by a car, he was saved by Nuea. By the looks of it seemed Nuea shares something greater than friendship with Mark.

Though masses are divided on the fact that for some, this angst is not tolerable, however for some, they like to experience a different set of situations. So to decide whether it’s worth your time or not, you need to watch it first. However, the actors deserve special mention for their acting skills. The music does not add too much effect to the storyline and is not something to swoon over as well. 

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What To Expect From Love Mechanics Episode 10?

Mark and Vee witness sparks flying between them, however, things are not as simple as they may seem. Vee, though he has his significant other, still, he shares chemistry with Mark. Will both of them ever come out of this awkward situation, or will things remain as it is? Recently we know how Mark returns to his house and confronts his mother about his situation with Vee. Though he knows Vee has a girlfriend, however deep down, his heart demands something else.

Love Mechanics ep 10

A Still From The Series

Now cut to the present scenario, Vee and Mark are together and are enjoying themselves on their vacation. They reminisce over the fact that they have always felt for each other, knowingly or unknowingly. Vee was ready this time to make their relationship official. However, he still had to end things with Ploy.

The two meet bump into their friends, who remind Vee that he should end things with Ploy and not be into two relationships at the same time. Vee decides to meet Ploy at a coffee shop near the university. She accepts that she should have let go of him before. However, that’s not what is concerning. Though Ploy tries her best to hide the fact that Ton abused her, ultimately, she couldn’t.

Ton and Vee engage in a fight which results in Ploy breaking up with him and Vee experiencing minor injuries. Mark hears all about it and rushes to the hospital, where he finds out Ploy and Vee kissing each other. Heartbroken, he confronts Vee the next day to tell him to stay out of his life. Will they reconcile or remain as star-crossed lovers? To find out, watch the finale episode of Love Mechanics.

Ploy realized that those who truly love couldn’t hurt their loved ones. She regretted leaving Vee, and they shared a moment. It was during that time that Mark witnessed that.

Love Mechanics ep 10

A Still From The Series

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Where To Watch Love Mechanics Episode 10? Online Streaming Platform

Love Mechanics Episode 10 will be broadcasted on its original network WeTv. To avail of the drama, you will need a subscription. Select the plan that suits you the best, and then you are all set to watch the episodes of Love Mechanics.

Love Mechanics Ep 10 will be around 7:30 pm, for America and Canada, it will be around 10 am, it will be around 3:00 pm in the United Kingdom, and for Australia, it will be around midnight.

When Will Love Mechanics Episode 10 Release?

Love Mechanics Episode 10 will release on 6th August 2022. The drama started on 18th June and is expected to end by 6th August if there is no change in the schedule. The duration of each episode is around 56 minutes. The drama has been applauded for the chemistry between the actors; however, there are some loopholes as well. Love Mechanics follows the traditional way of BL drama and follows the stereotypes that come with it. However, don’t forget the watch Love Mechanics Episode 10, as it will be known if Mark stays stern at his decision or shares an ending with Vee.

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