Limitless Chapter 14: Release Date, Preview & Where To Read

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Limitless Chapter 14 Release Date
Limitless | Credits: Naver Webtoons

Limitless is a new Korean manhwa written by Sakwa and illustrated by Bravo Chang. This is a very new series that started serializing this year itself, back in February 2023. The series is currently managed and published by Naver Webtoons.

The story revolves around a guy named Lee Seonha who is a high school student. He ended up in jail and got life imprisonment for the reason he killed his father. We get to see him getting beat up by the other prisoners and ultimately getting murdered in the Incinerator. 

We get to know the past and the real truth. Seonha, during one of his school days was getting bullied by one of his classmates and was saved by the class president Gi Seunsgu. After the incident, both Seonha and Seungsu became close friends. 

Seonha invited Seungsu to his place one day to meet his father. Seonha didn’t have a close relationship with his father but he cared about him very much. However, one day after getting back from meeting Seungsu he finds that his father is laying dead on the ground with Seungsu standing on top with a rod in his hand. 

What it turns out was Seungsu was friends with the person who bullied Seonha in the first place. The bully Changsik and Seungsu both hit Seonha and framed him by giving him drugs and the murder weapon stating him responsible for the murder. This was the total plot of the story. 

Today we are going to talk about the upcoming chapter of this fairly new manhwa Limitless. We will provide you with every detail from release dates to potential spoilers by the end of this article so stay tuned. 

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Limitless Chapter 13: Recap

The match starts after Bobbi intervenes in the ongoing fight in the underground fighting club and tells that he wants to fight that match. This was quite out of place for Bobbi and he was acting quite impulsive, however, Mujin trusts Bobbi and allows him to fight in this match. 

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Mujin then goes on to talk about the bets and losses of the VIPs watching the match with chairman GI and to make Bobbi’s fight possible he also added in a bet of around forty billion won. This intrigues the chairman and he allows the fight to continue with Bobbi taking one of the fighter’s place.

Kate goes on to tell Dan about the change in fighters and Gi is quite nonchalant about the situation as he won’t be bearing any loss and can even win a bit as the previous fighter was going to lose anyway. The staff then starts prepping for the restart of the match with Bobbi taking place in it. 

Limitless chapter 14 Release Date
Limitless Chapter 13 | Credits: Naver Webtoon

The fight starts and both the fighters trade equal and powerful blows on each other. Bobbi was cornered for a moment and took some hit but he escaped it quickly, landing a critical hit on the opponent making him fall to the ground. 

Everyone thinks that Bobbi wins but it’s when the opponent wakes up and shows his true self. The opponent goes Berserk and grabs Bobbi by his leg and tosses him around like a mere soft toy. Bobbi has fallen to the ground and the opponent is coming to land the final blow. 

It’s when out of nowhere Bobbi lands a very critical kick on the opponent’s neck making him lose balance. Bobbi then continues the series of his attacks and succeeded in winning the match by killing his opponent. On this note, the chapter comes to an end.

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Limitless Chapter 14: Release Date & Time

Limitless is a weekly webtoon and get’s new issues every Sunday. As it is a very new series there are no delays or hiatus as of yet, so it is safe to say that the next chapter of the series will be released on its scheduled date Sunday, 2nd April 2023.

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Given Below is the release time of the upcoming chapter according to different time zones. 

  • Pacific Time (PST): 08:55 hrs on Sunday, 2nd April 2023.
  • Central Time (CST): 10:55 hrs on Sunday, 2nd April 2023.
  • Eastern Time (EST): 11:55 hrs on Sunday, 2nd April 2023.
  • Indian Standard Time (IST): 21:25 hrs on Sunday, 2nd April 2023.
  • Australian Standard Time (AEST): 02:55 hrs on Monday, 3rd April 2023.

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Limitless Chapter 14: Where To Read

You can read the upcoming chapters along with all the previous chapters of the webtoon Limitless on the official website of Naver Webtoons. Unfortunately, there is no official publisher for the English scans so English readers might have to wait a bit. 

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