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How Old Is Aegon In House Of The Dragon Episode 6?

House of The Dragon

House of The Dragon is based in the highly loved Game of Thrones world and franchise. It is an American tv show. When House of The Dragon was announced, many fans all over the world were excited to be getting more Game of Thrones content.

House of The Dragon is a prequel show and takes place 200 years before the events of the main show, Game of Thrones. It was made by George R.R Martin and Ryan Condal and is based on the books written by George R.R Martin. . House of the Dragon is based on certain parts of the book ‘A Song of Fire and Ice. The focuses on what happens in the House Targaryen and all the events leading up to it.

The Game of Thrones is a widely loved television franchise and highly successful too. It was reported that the budget for each episode of House of The Dragon was around $20 million. So the overall budget for the series was $200 million. 

House of The Dragon season 1 received lots of viewership and was loved by many people. Just five days after airing, the show was renewed for a season 2. Many people talked about Aegon, one of the characters in House of The Dragon. Many people were wondering and were curious as to how old Aegon is in House of The Dragon episode 6. So how old is Aegon in House of The Dragon Episode 6? Read below to find out.

Who is Aegon?

Aegon Targaryen is the king of the Targaryen Dynasty. He was the first king of the Targaryen Dynasty. He is also known as Aegon the Conqueror and Aegon the Dragon. He had been married to both of his sisters, Rhaenys and Visenya. Aegon was a warlord, and he and his sister’s wives, along with a small army and three dragons, raided, conquered, and unified soc of the seven kingdoms of Westeros. This was called the War of Conquest. The only kingdom that managed to avoid being raided and taken over was Dorne.

How Old is Aegon is House of The Dragon Episode 6?

In episode 5 of House of The Dragon, Prince Aegon II is a child and toddler. But after episode 6, paired with the time leap of 10 years between the episodes, Aegon has aged. He is older now and a teenager. Aegon is 14 years in House of Dragon Episode 6.

Aegon II is the son of Viserys and Alicent, who turns 14 years old in episode 6 of House of The Dragon. Prince Aegon is the firstborn son and the heir to the Iron Throne after his father. Prince Aegon is played by Ty Tennant in House of The Dragon. Ty plays the teenage version and character of Aegon in the show. Later afterward, the adult character of Aegon is played by Tom Glynn- Carney. Because of the time jump of ten years from episode 5 to episode 6, Aegon is played and portrayed by two different actors.

Prince Aegon

Where to watch House of The Dragon?

The first episode of House of The Dragon was released for free on YouTube. It can be watched anytime! After that, if you want to continue watching, read below to find out how to stream House of The Dragon.

House of The Dragon can be watched on Disney + Hotstar. If you pay ₹899, you can surprise for a year and be able to watch and stream House of The Dragon as well as many other TV shows and movies on Disney + Hotstar in India.

You can also watch House of the Dragon on Hulu. You can subscribe to Hulu for $6.99 a month, and if you pay $14.99 and subscribe to the HBO Max channel, you can stream House of The Dragon there.

House of The Dragon episode 7 will air and release on 2 October 2022. Want to know what time the show airs so you won’t miss it? Read below to find out the release timings worldwide.

House of The Dragon airs at 9:00 pm EST, 6:00 pm PST, and 8:00 pm central standard time. The UK airing time for House of The Dragon is 2:00 am and the Indian airing time for House of The Dragon is 6:30 am IST (the next day).

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