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Dream High Review: An Inspiring Tale of Dreams

Dream High
Dream High (Credits: Netflix)

The title of the drama speaks a lot about the story. Dream High is a teen music rom-com South Korean television series of 2011. It aired on KBS 2 and is also available on Netflix. Park Hye Ryun wrote the series under the direction of Lee Eung Bok and Kim Seong Yoon. 

The series consists of 16 delightful episodes, with one special episode. Every episode narrated the story of goals, friendship, Love, and supporting teachers. The first episode was released on the 3rd of January, and the last one on the 28th of February 2011. 

Dream High revolved around six students studying at Kirin High School. They all had something in common, dreaming of becoming a part of the Korean Music Industry. But to fulfill that dream, they needed to work harder and prove their worth.

These students learned how to improve their songwriting, dancing, and singing abilities as they drove through personal development. While evolving individually, their Love for one another began. Each one of the students had different strengths and shortcomings. But they collectively had one goal, and with each other’s help and direction, they aimed to debut. 

Characters of the Dream High 

The cast of Dream High was undoubtedly impressive, as the actors were the dearest to the audience. Half of the main characters were in the Korean music industry and were known faces. It was a delight to watch them all together on the screen.

Each character in the series had their own struggle and stories behind their motives. The fact that students with diverse personalities had to work together while remaining friends and even rivals was also fascinating. 

Cast Of Dream High

Dream High Cast Members (Credits: KBS2)

Go Hye Mi

Titled Nation’s First Love by the fans, Bae Su Ji, popularly known as Bae Suzy, played the role of Go Hye Mi. She was one of the most famous students at Kirin High School. Initially, Hye Mi wanted to be an opera singer, but she came from a poor family and had to pay off his father’s debt. So, she forcefully had to choose mainstream Korean pop.

go hye mi

Go Hye Mi (Credits: KBS2)

She appeared to be a scornful and selfish kind of person at first, but then the audience got to see the reason behind her egotism. Bae Suzy is a phenomenal actress, and she has proved this by portraying incredible roles, including Gu Family Book (2013), Uncontrollably Fond (2016), While You Were Sleeping (2017), Vagabond (2019), and Start-Up (2020). 

Song Sam Dong

One of K-drama lovers’ favorite actors, Kim Soo Hyun, played the role of Song Sam Dong. He was a walking yokel but had immense musical talent. Sam Dong had one of the rarest diseases, which was not beneficial for his career.

He had a massive crush on Go Hye Mi. Kim Soo Hyun is known for his notable roles, including Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), My Love from the Star (2013), It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020), and One Ordinary Day (2021). 

Song Sam Dong

Song Sam Dong (Credits: KBS2)

Jin Guk / Hyun Shi Hyuk

Ok Taec-yeon from the K-pop band 2 PM played the role of Jin Guk. He was talented and also had an eye on Go Hye Mi. Jin Guk’s relationship with his father, who’s also the mayor, was disputable. His father hadn’t accepted him as his son. Ok Taec-yeon has an impressive actor along with an idol. His work includes Bring It On, Ghost (2016), Save Me (2017), Vincenzo (2021), and Blind (2022). 

Jin Guk

Jin Guk (Credits: KBS2)

Yoon Baek Hee

Hahm Eun Jung played the role of Yoon Baek Hee. She was a rival of Go Hye Mi, previously her best friend. Baek Hee backstabbed her during the audition for selection in Kirin High School. Since that day, they became furious opponents. Hahm Eun Jung has appeared in many dramas, including Love on a Rooftop (2015), Sisters-in-Law (2017), Be My Dream Family (2021), and Love Twist (2021). 

Yoon Baek Hee

Yoon Baek Hee (Credits: KBS2)


Jang Woo Young, known as Wooyoung, played the role of Jason. He was an extraordinary dancer born in America who desired to debut in South Korea. Jason was an exchange student who obtained the highest score for new applicants. Jang Woo Young is not much active in his acting career compared to being an idol.  


Jason (Credits: KBS2)

Kim Pil Sook

Labeled as Nation’s Sweetheart, Lee Ji Eun, popularly known as IU, played the role of Kim Pil Sook. She was looked down upon for her chubby looks in the school. Pil Sook was insecure about her appearance amongst the pretty girls.

That’s why she was disheartened from continuing her dream of becoming a k-pop idol. Pil Sook was known for her perfect pitch. IU has acted in many unforgettable roles, including in The Producers (2015), Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016), My Mister (2018), Hotel Del Luna (2019), and Broker (2022). 

kim pil sook

Kim Pil Sook (Credits: KBS2)

The Plot of Dream High 

Dream High was mainly focused on youth and was also popular among them. And there was a special episode aired the day after the last episode was released. It was about the Special Concert performed in Seoul by the cast of Dream High on a stage. 

Dream High was centered around six students at Kirin High School with distinct skills that belonged to different backgrounds. But, it was not at all easy to make a place in the school students had to clear the audition.

The story initiated with two friends, Go Hye Mi and Yoon Baek Hee giving an audition. Baek Hee was faithful to Hye Mi and always looked up to her. After their try-out, Hye Mi thought she was better than Baek Hee in singing, but she couldn’t pass the audition, and on the other hand, Baek Hee got accepted.

It made Hye Mi frenetic and badmouthed her. Baek Hee was broken and felt distressed. And also, their friendship ended, and they became each other’s enemies. Although, Hye Mi desperately wanted to join the school because of economic stress.

After a while, she was eventually accepted to a special class with other admitted friends. Then, she was informed about tracking down Song Sam Dong, an oaf with musical aptitude. But Hye Mi somehow handled to bring him to Kirin High School from the village.

Other than Sam Dong, Jin Guk, a student blessed with fantastic dancing, desired to debut. Jin Guk and Sam Dong both had a crush on Hye Mi, and she was the principal reason for them to enter the school, but soon they realized their goals. 

Additionally, two more students were a part of this class, Jason and Kim Pil Sook. Jason came from America with a vision to debut in South Korea. He was an exchange student and possessed the skill of dancing. Besides Jason, Pil Sook was a teen known for her soulful voice but insecure because of her weight. She did as she was asked to. Pil Sook also developed feelings for Jason. 

These six students had to work together in order to chase their ultimate goal, debut. In this journey of pursuing their ambitions, they needed to confound all the hardships and shortcomings and salt away their Love and self-esteem.   

Dream High Review

First of all, it feels so good to witness so many popular idols together. It’s a treat to watch them. The actors blended into their roles and were really in it. Bae Suzy as Hye Mi was wonderful on the screen. The audience felt connected to her story. The way Suzy showed both sides of Hye Mi, from a proud and voracious person to one of the most loving people, was commendable. 

Kim Soo Hyun’s performance as Sam Dong was noteworthy as well. He’s the highest-paid actor for a reason. Even though it was his beginning phase, but appeared as an accomplished actor. He exhibited the kind of complete commitment required to play his part. And his competitor in the series, Ok Taec-yeon as Jin Guk, flawlessly portrayed the role of a troublemaker. 

IU as Kim Pil Sook, Wooyoung as Jason, and Hahm Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee did impressively well. They all had incredible chemistry with each other. This series gave us friendship goals. One more character deserved appreciation, and that was their idealistic teachers who guided and supported them in fulfilling their dreams throughout the series. Everyone deserves to have such a person in their lives.      

Dream High dealt with that period when we were maturing and commencing our odyssey. This series conveyed the message that nobody gets to taste success overnight. Everyone has to go the extra mile for it. Everything depends on individual abilities and talents. 

The series showed how each character worked hard and had to face every hardship that came their way. And that nobody lived in the lap of luxury. Being in the entertainment business was not easy, and need guts to be there. 


The storyline with the characters taught so many valuable lessons about life, such as how Love is as important as chasing dreams and how beautiful friendship is. One must endure everyday struggles to acquire new skills, and it also ushered the full spectrum of youth and how life astounds us with bizarre possibilities. 

Dream High was set on a musical theme, so we heard lots of good and soothing music now and then and also watched satisfying performances. It had a mixture of everything; romance, comedy, friendship, musicals, and inspiration. 

Dream High was one of the most light-hearted and inspiring series. This story proved that the sky is the limit and that dreams may come true if they are followed with passion. 

Our Rating: ⭐ (4.5/5).

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