10 Best Anime Like The God of Highschool

The God of Highschool is one of the most awaited anime of 2020

The God Of Highschool is the most hyped anime of this year which is based on the Korean webtoon of the same name. The series is an action-adventure and can also be described as a shonen action series. The second anime of this year by MAPPA studios after producing Dorohedoro.The Last Season of Attack on Titan is also being made by this out and coming studio.

It recently got its first season finale and left the fans wanting more anime like The God of Highschool.

1. Megalobox

Megalobox is set up to celebrate Ashita no Joe’s 50th anniversary. The anime could give you some classic anime vibes like cowboy bebop and Trigun. The series is a science fiction anime based on the history of Wrestling, and a second season is also announced, which will be set after a few years of the first season. The anime is set in a futuristic world where licensed residents live in a richer part of the city and unlicensed residents live in the outskirts of the city. The series centers around an abused Megalo boxer named Junk Dog (Gearless Joe) who enters a boxing match that will be decided by the toughest Megalo Boxer of all.

2. Dorohedoro

The series is based on the same name as Q Hayashida’s dark fantasy cult science fiction manga. It’s set in the Pit, a harsh metropolis full of people, with an ever-increasing number of unfortunate individuals. Laden to the brim with horrific cruelty, leather-clad monsters, pitch-black terror, and more than a few moments of light-hearted levity. The anime mixes dystopian body-horror and piece-of-life satire to make it one of the most thrilling and creative new TV shows in 2020.

3. Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai is one of the most famous postapocalyptic anime series; it follows Afro by Samuel Jackson, produced by Koji Kajita by Gonzo Studio. Afro ‘s father is killed, and he tells the story of Afro’s revenge. The opening theme of this anime is a rap song that features a true old-timer hip hop with some grinding score and synth-pop backing music. In contrast, Afro Samurai is inspired and influenced by the culture of hip hop, as well as the leading black actor, even though it still exists in Japan. It almost certainly takes a couple of cues from this series

4. Tower of God

Tower of God is the 2020 action-adventure anime adaptation of S.I.U.’s online ‘manhwa’ (Korean for ‘comic’) that was distributed by Webtoon’s online webcomic site. It is a joint venture between Crunchyroll and Webtoon and is also the first webtoon to be adapted to this year’s anime. The show follows Bam, a youth who is unexpectedly teleported to the eponymous Tower of Heaven. A mystical structure that supposedly spans the whole world and is intended to provide immense power to those capable of reaching its heights. In his attempt to reach the top of the tower in search of his beloved friend Rachel, Bam must be surrounded by friends to defeat the deadly threats of the Tower and even more deadly adversaries. The show will please anyone who is looking for a new shone show to binge, a breathtaking fantasy adventure with rich characters, complex mythology, and gorgeous animation.

5. Danganronpa

Danganronpa is a mystery thriller with a few light horror features. A couple of school kids are stuck in a game show where they have to commit the ultimate murder in order to survive. Monolayer, the host of the game show, and the main antagonist are watching. The performance carries a few kicks, and it’s a nice trip to the very end. It’s based on a video game, and there are a variety of other competitors in the series.

6. Darwin’s Game

17-year-old Kaname Sudō plays Darwin’s Challenge, an online challenge that involves the fight for life and death. Many who play a game are given the Sigil, an ability that varies from player to player. Kaname chooses to do away with the game and to find and beat the Game Master. Created by the studio Nexus, this 11-episode development is exclusively produced by the author of the story Yuki Takahata, resulting in an adaptation that matches almost one-to-one source material.

7. Goblin Slayer

The best thing about this dark fantasy anime is the aspect of the show. Set up in a world where you can set up guilds and pick various work. This is a relatively young anime that has considerable potential and received reasonably excellent reviews at this point, even though it was not without controversy when it first aired. Goblin Slayer’s tempo is very odd, moving between light-new adaptation and what seems like a grim fantasy. Goblin Slayer definitely has the potential to become a potential preferred replacement. This has recently seen an expansion in anime film animation.

8. Tenjho Tenge

Tenjho Tenge’s 2004 anime follows two criminal street fighters as they become high school candidates aspiring professional martial arts. Sochi Nagi is cocky and arrogant but has a lot of promise as a martial artist. He attracted the eye of another school outsider, Aya Natsume, who was determined to marry Souchiou one day. As part of the Junken Club school, these outcasts are faced with the stern and cold Executive Committee, which governs the school by intimidation and punishment. Unlike a lot of older martial arts anime, Tenjho Tenge has a pretty balanced representation of both male and female warriors, a breath of fresh air for the genre.

9. Kengan Ashura

Gladiator arenas have been in existence since the Edo period in Japan. For a long time, many businessmen and entrepreneurs have recruited gladiators to fight a deadly war in these stadiums known as the Kengan Matches. Gladiators are battling as leaders to resolve the conflicts of the rich corporations. The winner of these matches is putting it on risk. Tokita Ohma is a wonderful warrior who likes to fight. After beating a fighter opposing the Nogi Community for the Kengan Alliance, the Nogi Community elected him as their new leader. The CEO of Nogi Company, Nogi Hideki, plans to pit Tokita at the Kengan Zetsumei Tournament to secure the position as chairman of the influential Kengan Association.

10. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Kenichi: The Mightiest Specialty got a 50 episode anime, as well as many OVAs. The series follows Kenichi Shirahama, a high school student who has been a survivor of bullies for as long as he can recall. After becoming a friend of a recent transfer student, Miu, he tells her about his urge to become better, to take him home to her home, Ryozanpaku, a dojo home to martial arts masters who feel right out of Street Fighter. The great thing about K: TMD is that it leans towards the growth and advancement of martial arts. Kenichi literally doesn’t start at all, and as the series continues, he’s slowly becoming stronger and stronger until he can hold his own in every battle. He stumbles a lot at first, but with every new training regiment and ordeal put on him, he’s only getting a little better, and it’s a wonderful job to root the crowd for Kenichi.