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Why Did Big Ed And Liz Break Up? The 90-Day Fiance Couple Is No More Together

Why did Big Ed and Liz break up? This is something that the 90-Day Fiance fans are wondering about these days. He introduced her on the very Season 1 of the show. They reconnected in Season 2 and got engaged. However, their relationship didn’t last forever, causing Big Ed and Liz to part ways for good. What happened between them? 

Starting from the basics, Big Ed was born on 28 April 1965. That makes him 57 years old. He is originally known as Edward Allen Brown. On the other hand, Liz Woods served as the manager at a restaurant in San Diego, California. Also, she is a single mother to her daughter, Ryleigh. Not to forget to mention that she is passionate about photography. 

Talking about their relationship, Liz Woods didn’t feel it easy enough to introduce someone to her daughter’s life. And when she did, after several incidents, Big Ed felt like she wasn’t the right woman for him. It was not just him but also the 90-Day Fiance fans who thought of her as not being in love with Big Ed. Whatever the scenario, they have broken up.  Some fans weren’t not even surprised by the news. What caused their split? 

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Reason Behind The Break Up Of Big Ed And Liz Revealed

Big Ed and Liz met each other for the very first time at the restaurant where she worked. Very soon, both sparked romance and he asked her out on a date. Little did you know, he used to be a regular customer of that restaurant, at that time. Another interesting part was before asking her out, he consulted a dating coach and thought of giving it a shot. 

Why Did Big Ed And Liz Break Up?

Big Ed and Liz: The 90-Day Fiance couple

It was very quick for them to have taken their relationship to a different level though. Yes, we are talking about their marriage. Big Ed and Liz got ready to share the rest of their days. 

Big Ed’s elder daughter, Tiffany, used to hate his ex-girlfriend, Rose, as the former was younger than her. She didn’t approve. So, he wanted to travel to Las Vegas and make Liz meet her daughter. He wanted them to spend some time and know each other. But she didn’t feel like doing that as it was too early for her. Surprisingly, Liz is one year younger than Tiffany, and she was also afraid of her disapproval at the same time. This time, Big Ed cleared it out very well that if Liz wanted their relationship to work out well, then she should have to meet Tiffany. 

Big Ed and Liz didn’t give their relationship enough chances. The former was initially in a rush and later admitted that. Even though they reconnected, their relationship didn’t last. 

Why Did Big Ed And Liz Break Up?

Big Ed and Liz

Several reasons started to come out to the public, causing their split. Big Ed claimed to be having problems with Liz’s excessive drinking and smoking habit. On the other hand, she countered him to drinking daily. In addition to that, she also claimed that he would rather sleep with a woman named Alex. But, he was insecure enough, which reportedly hindered their relationship. Also, he claims her to be a lesbian, which triggers her the most. On this note, he accused her and said, “You’re out of my life.”

As far as their break up is concerned, neither Big Ed nor Liz has made an official statement. They keep breaking up out of anger and end up reconciling. We wonder what they are up to. What remained constant throughout their relationship to date is that both allowed their insecurities to grow. It has always been on and off. 

What do you think? Are they compatible? Will Big Ed and Liz reconcile again, this time? We wish them nothing but the best for their future. Well, happiness should be their priority! Every relationship has ups and downs. But, we wonder if Big Ed and Liz are trying to make and sort things out in real. 

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