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Ja Morant Net Worth

Ja Morant
What is Ja Morant’s net worth?

What is Ja Morant’s Net Worth? American professional basketball player Ja Morant has been playing for the Memphis Grizzlies. Morant made the record as a sophomore by becoming the first player in NCAA history to average 20-plus points and ten-plus assists per game for a single season.

Morant also earned the title of NBA All-Star Game last year as a starter, along with the title of NBA Most Improved Game by the end of the season. Ja Morant recently made headlines after he finally broke his silence about an alleged altercation that took place at his sister’s volleyball game in September last year while making way for a big controversy against the athlete.

Patrick Beverley recently addressed the controversy saying how Morant’s actions are due to parenting and the type of music that the athlete listens to. Beverly further stated how fame mixed with the success that comes with a ton of money along with a ton of freedom in the wrong hands is not really a good poster. Let us find out about Ja Morant’s Net Worth.

What is Ja Morant’s Net Worth?

Ja Morant’s Net Worth Is estimated to be something around $80 million. Morant has recently opened up about the controversy that arose following an incident where his family and a group of adult men were involved in a case of alleged simple assault after these men were accused of confronting a high schooler who allegedly addressed Morant’s sister with a derogatory name.

Ja Morant’

 Ja Morant

The Memphis Grizzlies star has stated that he received a call and was simply checking on his sister’s safety. He further added that once he knew his sister was safe, he immediately left the school, but he feels like the incident was exaggerated and blown out of proportion given Morant’s fame and stardom as an NBA player.

This incident comes after Morant’s eight-game suspension for a controversial incident that’s aw Morant flashing a gun at a Colorado strip club. The athlete has not only issued an apology but further revealed that he is taking counseling sessions and wants to be a positive role model for the younger generation.

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Who Is Ja Morant Dating? 

While the athlete has kept his personal life away from the media limelight, it seems like Morant is off the market as he was reportedly earlier dating Kadre Dixon or KK Dixon. The two seem to be dating for a while, as there is a picture of the two from 2018. The two went on to welcome a baby girl named Kaari Jaidyn Morant in 2019.

While Morant has been spotted with his little one on the court, it seems like his relationship with Dixon was rather short-lived. However, the pair later sparked spilled rumors after they unfollowed each other on social media. Morant was later romantically linked with Abigail Russo, but there was no such confirmation for the same. Ja Morant’s relationship status remains unknown. 

Is Ja Morant Suspended?

Ja Morant made headlines after he reportedly entered a counseling program in Florida as it was followed by a string of off-court incidents. The league later made an announcement stating that the games Morant has already missed will also be counted toward an eight-game suspension without pay.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has further issued a statement saying how the athlete’s conduct was irresponsible, reckless, and also potentially dangerous.

Ja Morant’s Net Worth

Ja Morant

Silver further stated in the release that Morant’s actions had serious consequences given his following and influence, mostly among young fans who look up to the athlete. Morant has reportedly expressed sincere contrition and remorse for his behavior.

Morant earlier issued an apology saying how he takes full responsibility for his actions while apologizing to his family, teammates, coaches, fans, and partners, along with the city of Memphis and the entire Grizzlies organization, for letting them down.

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