What Episode Do Elena and Damon Get Together? Answered

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Vampire diaries
Vampire Diaries (Credits: Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios, and Warner Bros. Television)

The Vampire Diaries have been one of the most popular supernatural shows that the industry has ever seen. The Salvatore brothers won the hearts of many viewers with the most epic love triangle. Rising tensions were seen between Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore. The pair, Elena and Damon, have been teasing the fans with their romantic tension for a few seasons before they finally end up together. 

The love triangle between Elena, Stefan, and Damon is one of the juiciest love triangles that the viewers have seen on-screen. While the entire fanbase has been decided into two sects, each rooting for their favored pairing, we get to see one of the most intense romances, which we did not expect. The fans debated a lot on Team Stefan or Team Damon as Elena also seemed to hold an attraction to both brothers. 

Both the Salvatore brothers seemed to be highly infatuated with Elena, even though they were pinning for Katherine Pierce before they met her. It seems that they are brothers for a reason, as they also share the same attraction as each other, which ultimately leads to drama. Elena ultimately ended up choosing Damon, and even though some fans were disappointed at this turn of events, many still acknowledged her decision. 

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In What Episode Do Elena and Damon Get Together?

Fans have been teased about the relationship between Elena and Damon for the longest time, and even though it finally paid off, we got to witness the growth of their relationship firsthand amidst all the tension and anticipation. Damon might have appeared to be a bad guy in the first season, but soon after, we get to see the true feelings that he hides under this cruel facade.

Elena and Damon take a trip together in Season 1, which caused a lot of fans to sequel in delight and expect something to happen between the two. Although nothing happened, the two ended up closer to each other, and the groundwork for their future relationship was built. This is a very important step for their storyline and was accepted well by the viewers. 

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The couple kissed for the first time in Season 2, which made fans go squeaking for the longest time and wait for more to happen. It was at the moment when Damon thinks that he was dying and ended up confessing his true feelings to Elena, which ended up in the kiss. The kiss was not passionate, but it was the beginning of something!

damon and elena
Damon and Elena From Vampire Diaries (Credits: Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios, and Warner Bros. Television)

Season 3 is what many people have called the turning point for the relationship between Damon and Elena, as it was in this season that the two became even closer to have not one but two kisses in the season. These kisses were actually passionate kisses, and they had intense chemistry between them. Stefan starts to act like a different person, which causes Elena to grow closer to Damon. 

The relationship between the couple Elena and Damon skyrockets in Season 4 when Elena turns out to be a vampire. This transition from a human to a vampire makes the plot move at a faster pace. Elena’s feelings for Damon become stronger than ever, and this turns out to be a result of the sired bond between them. Damon refuses these feelings as he is not sure whether these are Elena’s true feelings or just a side effect of the sired bond. 

One could feel the distress of the viewers from a mile away, but the show writers decided not to tease the fans anymore, and Damon and Elena finally made it official in Season 4, Episode 7. Elena confesses her love to Damon even after the bond is broken, and the both of them embrace in a passionate kiss in front of a fireplace making the perfect picture that Team Damon has been waiting for. The majority of the fans were happy at the slow burn that ended up paying off. 

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