Is Adriene Mishler Pregnant? Find What Feels Good Co-Founder Sparks Expecting Rumors

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Is Adriene Mishler Pregnant?
Adriene Mishler sparks pregnancy rumors: Is it true? (Credits: The Guardian)

Want to know whether Adriene Mishler is pregnant? The yoga instructor recently shared some of her favorite self-care rituals. Well, we know that while celebrating motherhood, everyone takes proper care of their health. This is very normal. With that, fans have lately been wondering if Adriene Mishler is expecting a baby now. What do you think? 

Adriene Mishler is an incredible yoga instructor, majorly known for co-founding “Find What Feels Good.” It’s a yoga video subscription service. Along with that, she also hosts “Yoga With Adriene” on YouTube. She hails from Austin, Texas. 

Besides this, Adriene Mishler is also an actress. Some of the credits include- Everybody Wants Some!!, Joe, and Day 5. Little did you know, Adriene also made some voice acts. That is in DC Universe Online, where she contributed the voices of Raven, Supergirl, and Lois Lane. 

Coming back to Adriene Mishler’s pregnancy news, her fans are quite convinced. But the question is- what made them so sure? Naturally, it also calls for the discussion of who Adriene is romantically related to. So, are the rumors of her expecting a child now true? Here is what we know about whether Adriene Mishler is pregnant. 

Is Adriene Mishler Pregnant?
Adriene Mishler (Credits: Pocketmags)

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Adriene Mishler Pregnant: Is It True? 

No. That’s so unfortunate! Adriene Mishler is not pregnant now. In other words, we may say that the yoga instructor is not expecting a baby at present. She is a fitness freak persona and prefers maintaining it daily. That’s the reason behind sharing her self-care rituals with her fans. It has nothing to do with her pregnancy. Don’t be mistaken. 

Motherhood is a great feeling and more like a blessing to every woman. Why would Adriene Mishler not share such great news with her fans? The yoga star didn’t even drop any such hint on social media. Moreover, if you notice her latest posts, you won’t find her having a baby bump. Don’t you think this is enough to debunk Adriene Mishler’s expecting news? 

As far as Adriene Mishler’s love life is concerned, the actress is madly in love. If you are wondering if her boyfriend is Chris Sharpe, you are mistaken. He is Adriene’s business partner and professionally serves as the producer. Concerning Adriene’s boyfriend, he is still mysterious. But the good part is both are now engaged. It was on 14 August when the yoga star and actress announced on Instagram. Congrats! 

Is Adriene Mishler Pregnant?
Adriene Mishler (Credits: The Today Show)

Neither Adriene nor her beau/fiance shared any willingness to expand their family anytime soon. So, we are not sure if Adriene Mishler is going to expect anytime soon. But, for now, we wonder when Adriene is going to tie the knot. 

Talking more about Adriene Mishler’s pregnancy, the yoga instructor has not yet become a mother. In other words, she doesn’t have any children. But we are sure she would be a great mother. How do we know this? She owns a pet dog, a blue heeler named – Benji. It is one of the most famous canines in Texas. 

Best wishes to Adriene Mishler for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure to follow Adrienne on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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