Anime Review: Black Clover Episode 164

Black Clover Episode 164
Black Clover Episode 164

Black Clover Episode 164 marks another step towards the impending end of the anime. Black Clover anime is reported to reach its end later next month. A big announcement is also scheduled for the same day the anime will end. For more details, you can check out our full post on the matter: Black Clover Anime to end on March 30th. Now we wait for the big moment and hope the anime will not leave us in a huge cliffhanger.

The Dark Triad is in full action with Dante and his followers on the move. The anime braced us with a big fight between Vengeance and Zenon at the beginning of the Spade Kingdom Arc. Then the Black Bulls were next as Dante made easy pickings of them in Yami’s absence. But within the same week, news came in that the anime will be ending. At least the manga will continue, so it will keep us entertained in the meantime.

This means that we all know that the anime might not cover the entirety of the Dark Triad invasion. About five episodes are left until the end of the anime. Hopefully, they will be entertaining enough as each fight introduced a new power from the Dark Triad. Meanwhile, Asta has met with his devil again and he seems to be in agony. Many developments are happening in the anime so let’s wait to see how far they will take us.

Black Clover Episode 165 is releasing next week and will continue with the Dark Triad’s invasion. This time the anime transitioned to the fights in the Heart Kingdom. We also saw how other mages have improved, but provided that they are facing the Dark Disciples, the worst might be on the way.

Black Clover Episode 164: Battle at The Heart Kingdom

Black Clover Episode 164 provided some clarity on Yami’s confrontation with Dante. They were evenly matched the last time they fought, and Yami finally got the upper hand and landed a fatal blow on Dante. But since Dante is not yet using his 100% powers, we expected him to turn things around. Just as we expected, Dante had a trick up his sleeve. Instead of using more of his devil powers, he used different magic he had. It allows him to heal instantly, and with that, Yami was back to square one.

Black Clover Episode 164
Battle at The Heart Kingdom

Meanwhile, in the Heart Kindom, Vanica’s invasion continues with her Dark Disciples. It was here where the results of Clover Kingdom’s mage training were clear. The spirit guardians stood no chance against the Dark Disciples, but they have taught the Clover Kingdom mages well. Leo was also on the move trying to stop one of the Dark Disciples, and he also had a trick up his sleeve. We already saw Luck’s progress in the last episode, and this time we saw how Charmy had developed his magic.

Since this is their biggest fight ever, they resorted to the elven’s level magic that they displayed back when the elves attack. Combined with the mana zone and the training they had in the past six months, it was enough to defeat the Dark Disciples and keep the Dark Triad at bay. But that wasn’t enough to stop them as Vanica managed to make it to Lorochipeka in the end. Noelle and Mimosa are both guarding her so that she will be safe at least. But for that to happen, Noelle and co will first have to defeat Vanica.

Black Clover 165 and Updates

We have not yet seen Vanica’s full powers in the anime, but since she is one of the Dark Triad elites, she appears to be very powerful. She will be up against Noelle, Mimosa, and Lorochipeka, so the anime’s next episode will center around that. The rest of the battles have already ended, so this leaves Yami/Dante’s battle together with this one. These will be the two major fights for the upcoming episodes of the anime, and they will be getting intense from here going forward.

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