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Plath Family Divorce: Are Barry And Kim Getting Divorced?

Plath Family Divorce
Plath Family

Plath Family Divorce is hitting the headlines. It is finally over for the Plath couple. The welcome-to-path star Barry Plath and Kim Plath have recently filed for divorce, and the couple is splitting their ways after almost 24 years of their marriage. In a recent interview, the couple revealed that “We have been in a great relationship. In the past 24 years, we have gone through so many ups and downs. Nonetheless, it was our belief and love that we always end up together. However, things are not quite well for us, and we have decided to split our ways for our good. It is a mutual decision, and we will co-parent our amazing children.”

In the episode of Welcome To Plath, Kim talked about her relationship with Barry. She said, “I never thought it will end up this way. One of the rental properties is empty, and I am planning to pack my bags and shift. It has been an amazing journey, and now things are quite well for us, and we are splitting our ways.” The episode was aired on 7th June, when Kim announced her breakup with Barry. Here in the article, we will talk about Plath Family Divorce.

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Plath Family Is Very Much Into Music: All About Kim And Barry

The Plath family is quite into music. Kim has done majored in music at Florida State University. She always encouraged her children to learn music and also gifted them musical instruments. From the beginning, she is helping her children to learn music. The family also has a music band. In the show, we have sen couple managing a family band and bringing up their children. The couple also does their job. Kim’s husband, Barry, is a transportation planner who has been pretty much active in his private firm for more than two decades.

plath family divorce

Plath and Kim, The Head Of Plath Family

Kim and Barr raised their children away from technology. Nonetheless, they have not completely isolated their children from technology. However, their kids were not allowed to play video games. Moreover, they also have limited time to watch TV and for other activities. The family is quite religious and brought their children to follow the same.

Are Barry and Kim getting Divorced?

The TLC show Welcome to the Plathville features the lifestyle of the Plath Family. Kim and Barry are the head of the family. The Plath family is known for their strict rules and regulations. Barry and Kim have 10 children. In the reality show, the couple often talks about their relationship. It has featured their long journey of love life. They share a strong bond, but with time, things changed. Their kids also get annoyed with the strictness of their parents.

plath family divorce

Barry and Kim

However, everything seems to ease down with time. When things seemed pretty cool, Barry and Kim announced their split. The season of the show is all revolved around Barry and Kim’s relationship, their up and down, and the announcement of their divorce. It is indeed a mutual decision, and fans can get more updates on their relationship in the upcoming episodes of the show. And for more updates on Barry and Kim’s relationship, stay tuned to Otakukart.

Daughter Comments on their Split

Moriah Plath, who is an elder daughter of the couple, has recently commented on her parent’s split. The regular viewers of the show pretty well know that Kim was very close to her elder daughter, and she shared a lot about her troubled marriage with the couple. In her latest social media post, Moriah said, “it’s really hard to see your parents split their ways but at the end of the day, what I want is my parents to be happy. Things are complicated. They want different things. I know it will be very hard for my dad, but I also know my mom will not happy with my dad.”

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