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For All Mankind Filming Locations: Where is the Sci-fi Drama Shot?

For All Mankind
For All Mankind

June has been kind to all the For All Mankind fans as the TV series premieres its third season on Apple TV +. The discourse surrounding the production of a fantasy sci-fi series is always intriguing. It’s a no-brainer that VFX plays a significant role in shaping the appearance of a series. In addition to that, the showrunners have to make an equally calculated choice of finalizing the filming locations for the same.

Today’s discussion will highlight this very choice by picking apart the filming locations of For All Mankind.

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What is the Show About?

For All Mankind presents an alternative reality of what happened between the Soviet Union and the United States as they race to the Moon in 1969. The Soviet Union overtakes the US and succeeds in landing their first man on the Moon. This outcome compels the US to deal with the dire circumstances at hand, changing the face of the Cold War. The Sci-fi TV series showcases the political baggage that sets the foundation of this space race.

For All Mankind Filming Locations

The series found its hub in the Californian state for filming purposes. The first two installments of the series were situated in Golden State and Los Angeles, respectively. On the other hand, Culver City became the home ground for the latest season i.e. Season 3. California has a diverse topography lined up with forests, mountains, and beaches. This has made it one of the most highly regarded filming locations for a multitude of projects.

For All Mankind

Jay Redd, the senior visual effects supervisor for the series, took inspiration from “2001, a Space Odyssey” for tactfully building the space set in the studios. (Cr: fxguide)

Sony Pictures Studios: Culver City, California 

The next question raised is, where in California? Here, the coveted Sony Pictures Studios came to the rescue. This place has also returned calls for other science-fiction or action-themed ventures like Captain MarvelInterstellarIron Man 2Spider-Man 3, etc. The studio gates opened for work back in 1912. Today, Sony organizes studio tours for the public. The world-famous TV and film studio is bound to enamor the spectators with all sorts of mementos from Hollywood’s history.

Tourists can make their reservations for the same by visiting their website.

For All Mankind

Sony Pictures Studio in Culver City, California is the prime filming location for the Apple + series.

Creating the make-believe non-atmospheric environment of the Moon in the enclosed space of the studios was harder than one can imagine. Camerawork accomplishes this dream work. Thereafter, the cinematography style projects the studio arena as the Moon’s surface with no gravity.

For All Mankind

A lot of space VFX was employed by Jay Redd to render the visuals believable. (Cr: fxguide)

For All Mankind Cast

A series concerning space has got to reel in sacrifices by some characters. Nevertheless, quite a few familiar faces have returned to pick up the story right where it was left off in the last season.

The older pivotal characters of the show – Ed Baldwin, played by Joel Kinnaman (also known for his work in Suicide Squad), Shantel VanSanten as Karen Baldwin, and Jodi Balfour as Ellen Wilson reprise their roles in Season 3. Other familiar faces include Sonya Walger as Molly Cobb, Krys Marshall as Danielle Poole. Casey Johnson, Cynthy Wu, Coral Pena, and Wrenn Schmidt are back to don their respective suits as well. One of the major new entries to the show is that of Edi Gathegi, who adopts the responsibilities of Dev Ayesa.

Is it Worth Watching?

Positive reviews for the show have been pouring in ever since its Season 1 premiere in 2019. Many have heartily labeled For All Mankind as one of the best Science-fiction shows on TV. Its viewers have also remarked that the show has only gotten better with every episode. Additionally, it has bagged quite a few nominations for its outstanding dramatic vision – Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Drama Series and TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama. Other than that, some accolades that the show has victoriously earned over this period include the INOCA TV award in the category of Best Directing for a Drama Series, the Saturn Award for the Best Fantasy Television Series, and the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Programming.

If that’s not enough, then the first season of For All Mankind is available on Apple TV + for free right now. That should be a pithy incentive for you to dive straight into this space race.

Where to Watch For All Mankind?

All three seasons of For All Mankind are now streaming on Apple TV +As a promotional event, the first season of For All Mankind is now available for free for a limited frame of time on the platform. This means that there’s no obstacle in the path of non-subscribers to binge-watch Season 1 either. The latest and third season of the show made its comeback to Apple TV + on June 10.

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