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One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers: Weevil Showed Up At Sphinx Island

One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers and Leaks
One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers and Leaks

One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers & Leaks are here, and instead of getting two or three lines of text we actually have a short full summary here with us today and we are here to go over them. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

“One Piece Chapter 1073 is titled “Miss Buckingham Stussy”, so looks like we are actually gonna get more info on her, which is actually a little bit surprising, it’s Oda and it usually hides things for a couple of chapters. On the cover, we see Vegapunk, who is creating so-called peaceful inventions, such as tanks that instead of firing explosives, shoot flowers, while other members including Judge, Queen, and Caesar, are looking at him disgusted.”

It is very funny considering the last chapter, they were still “scientists working for peace” and they were straight up creating weapons. This time around though we actually learned that they were never on board with the idea of peace in the first place which isn’t super surprising but a lot of people were assuming that they maybe were good scientists and then they got corrupted but it kind of look like they were always bad guys.

A tank that shoots flowers though; honestly, if I saw Vegaounk creating that while we are in the MAD’s laboratory I had been laughing at him too, I had been like Yo! what are you making here man, where are the weapons of mass destruction?

One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers & Leaks

“The chapter opens up where we left off in the last chapter. We saw Lucci attacking Stussy, but he missed because instead of a real body, it was an illusion. Then we saw Stussy, who is using different variations of the Kami-e or Paper Art technique, which she called something similar to the “Remaining Body”. When she finally succeeds in distracting Lucci with the illusion she created, Stussy uses lipstick with Kairoseki reside, in order to weak Lucci. She used this attack to somehow touch Lucci as we saw with Smoker when he uses his Jitte. Later we see Stussy bites Lucci, which causes him to sleep, just like Kaku.”

One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers & Leaks

Stussy (Credits: One Piece)

Lucci essentially got no chance by Paper Art and Sea Stone Lipstick, bro, like that is a pain for any fan out there. Stussy took down Lucci with paper art, which is an ability that he has, in fact, all Cipher Pol members have Paper Art, and obviously, their mastery is to a different extent, so maybe Stussy is a master of Paper Art but Lucci tried to hit her, it didn’t work, he hit actually hit the air, and Stussy took no damage during this fight apparently. 

What really put him down was Kairoseki Lipstick, my man lost to lipstick, I can’t believe it. I am wondering how potent this is, like what would happen if Stssy uses lipstick on Luffy, which granted you can’t say Luffy wouldn’t be affected since he has a Devil Fruit, but how crazy does this actually hit Lucci right? like how fast is does he, how potent is the lipstick, and what is this bit actually doing because it apparently knocks everybody out with one singular hit.

So that is why it has to be some sort of Devil Fruit, just because of how busted the bite is I am not saying the bite would knock out Luffy or Zoro but anybody else, I wonder if Haki could actually negate the bite together. What is going on man here man, why is Stssy such a monster this is a clone that the MADS Team created about more than twenty years ago. 

Bro, how do go from creating Stussy to creating the Pacifista that’s like a downgrade because Stussy so far has been the pinnacle of clones. I would almost argue that she is probably stronger than Seraphim, but yeah! this is insane and I am all here for the hype man. I love Lucci, and I love Kaku, but I guess step aside for the real queen.

Later in the chapter, we saw the mysterious person with whom previously Vegapunk contacted was none other than Stussy, and not only that, we also discovered that Stussy becoming a CP-O member was not what Vegapunk expected. As Stussy is at the same level considering the authority hierarchy, Stussy cannot overwrite the order to stop the Seraphim.

Now CP-O is not here and nobody is trying to actually attack Vegapunk, you just have the Straw Hats crash with them and then problems are solved.

Then we saw Lilith and Edison coming out from the Labo. Even before she can give the order to stop, Lilith gets attacked by S-Hawk, but she was saved by Zoro. We saw Zoro is fighting S-Hawk now, although not for a long time, only for a few panels, not a new attack either, just a big clash. Although we see S-Hawk is shocked after witnessing Zoro’s strength.

One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers and Leaks

Zoro’s Fans Right Now

Then we saw S-Shark, who attacks Edison, as Edison was trying to stop, but here comes Sanji, who saves him. Later we saw that Edison finally manages to give the orders to stop, and finally, all the Seraphim stops. On the other hand, we saw Luffy and Chopper running around the Labo, and trying to find the real Vegapunk, who in fact disappeared previously with Bonney, although we still don’t know where they are exactly from the spoilers of this chapter.

Then we cut to Sphinx Island in the chapter. We saw that the Marines have finally arrived at the island while Marco is still in the Wanakuni. In order to save the village from them, Weevil shows up, but he gets captured by Ryokugyuu.

Initial thoughts, I am very surprised, Weevil actually protected the village and didn’t destroy it but thinking back to it, Weevil was only after the Commanders and Allied Pirates, he was after treasure, there is no reason why he would actually hurt innocent civilian, right? So, Marco being on Sphinx Island was probably in retrospect a pretty bad idea, considering Weevil and him probably would have turned it into a battlefield.  

Now Marco wasn’t there and was on Wano, Weevil simply waited there and protected the village from Aramaki, and here is the thing… Weevil was captured, not crazy, in the grand scheme of things, we all could see Weevil being captured pretty easily, but we got to think back to what Weevil is known for, Weevil got the title of the Seven Warlord of the Sea because he has strength that rivals Prime Whitebeard. 

One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers and Leaks

Oda in Chapter 1073

This is not just a headcanon either, just keep that in mind, this is something said by Kizaru, an admiral who knows the strength of Prime Whitebeard. Weevil got taken down by Aramaki, the same guy that was driven out of Wano by Conqueror Haki from Shanks from 3000 miles away, you know that is an exaggeration but, regardless he was chewed away by a Conqueror’s Haki and you are telling me he left Wano and went straight to Sphinx Island and bodied Weevil!! What are these events right here?

I kind of wish that these fights weren’t off-screen because you know, we see him, off-screen as King and Queen, we see him off-screen as Weevil, and on the opposite end what we see on-screen is him being eliminated by Shanks from a mile away, so it’s like Oda is building up Ryokugyuu, to be a really crazy character, but every time we see him on-screen, it’s like he seems like the weakest Admiral, but yeah, here we have it.

Weevil isn’t the smartest character, so there is a world out there where Aramaki didn’t actually defeat Weevil, and Weevil turned himself into the Marines because he didn’t want to hurt the civilians, he didn’t want to hurt Whitebeard’s Village. maybe Aramaki was on the note of maybe destroying the village and then Weevil sacrificed himself and that is what happened. Aramaki did not actually beat him to a bloody pulp.

One Piece Chapter 1073 Release Date

This amazing next chapter of the manga is going to be released this week, without any type of delay. One Piece Chapter 1073 is scheduled to be released on Monday, January 30th, 2023 at midnight, according to the Japanese Standard Time Zone. As the time varies for western countries, we will get the chapter by January 29. To know more about the release date of the next chapters and Spoilers, you can check out the ‘One Piece’ section at our site. You can read the manga at Viz when it gets available.

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