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ACT-AGE Chapter 101 Official Spoilers, Release Date And Updates

ACT-AGE chapter 101 official spoilers

The hundred chapter milestone was at last hit by ACT-AGE manga last week. This time around I will be sharing with you ACT-AGE chapter 101 official spoilers. Before we begin, please note this post may contain official spoilers from the ACT-AGE chapter 100 and official spoilers of ACT-AGE chapter 101. If being spoiled is not for you, I suggest that you stop reading the post here. However, if spoilers don’t bother you, we can get started. Also, note that we did not create the spoilers or leak them.

Previously, in ACT-AGE chapter 100 we saw Sumiji’s desperation to beat Kei and that too he wants to do in the most dominant fashion. Later Sumiji was involved with Arisa as they were fighting over Death Island and its reputation. Sumiji has decided to use Chiyoko to completely enhance the reputation of Death Island and bring it to its former glories. Sumiji wants broader international level recognition of Death Island. The chapter was overall a very interesting and informative one.

What are ACT-AGE Chapter 101 Official Spoilers?

ACT-AGE chapter 101 official spoilers are yet to be leaked but as soon as ACT-AGE chapter 101 official spoilers are out we will make sure to share them with you all. In the next chapter, we will be witnessing how Sumiji plans on using Chiyoko to revive Death Island even to a greater scale which has never been achieved before. It will be interesting to witness this new era of Death Island or in a way revolution of Death Island.

Where to Read ACT-AGE Chapter 101?

ACT-AGE Chapter 101 will be freely available to read via like Viz Media and Mangaplus. The last few chapters of ACT-AGE are free to read on this official source.

ACT-AGE chapter 101 release date

What is ACT-AGE Chapter 101 Release Date?

The official release date of ACT-AGE chapter 101 is 16 February 2020. ACT-AGE chapter 101 scans will be probably before that.

ACT-AGE Synopsis

ACT-AGE manga is a story by Tatsuya Matsuki and the artist of the manga is Shiro Usazaki. The protagonist of the story is Kei Yonagi. She has seen many hardships from her childhood. Her father ran away while her mother died, she has to take care of her siblings while herself still being a child. She has a dream to become an actress and when the opportunity comes along she doesn’t waste time on second thoughts and does her best to fulfil her dream. She gets noticed by a director named Sumiji Kuroyama and thus her story of being an actress starts.