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Preview and Recap: Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 4

Prodigal Son season 2 episode for spoilers and release date

Prodigal Son season 2 episode 4 is much awaited by the fans after the third episode’s success on Fox Television. The third episode of the Prodigal Son season 2 premiered on January 26, 2021, where we saw bright investigating the murder case of his alma master’s headmaster. The television show also came with a sub-plot where bright has to tackle the secrets and mysteries from his past. On the other hand, Jessica is all set to put a full-stop to her relationship with Gil and Martin is growing to close Friar Pete. Also, JT is too excited about the birth of his baby.

The critics highly appreciated the third episode of the Prodigal Son season 2 and the audience, therefore, the show creators are all set to launch its fourth episode for all the much-awaited fans. If you are a Prodigal Son fan, you will love this article describing the fourth episode preview, release date, and third episode recap for all the fans who have missed it. 

Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Suppose you remember what we mentioned at the start where bright is driven back to his past mysteries in the third episode of the Prodigal Son season 2. In the past, he witnesses that he is chopping Nicholas Endicott’s body. He later thinks that it has become a compliment for him since the incident in the future. He later moves on to the boarding school to solve a murder case, but he finds his master is the one who got killed in the incident. In a deep flashback, we can clearly witness that Bright and Slain man’s relationship was never so good to be appreciated. Bright also comes-across a book near the body of the victim, which has the name of the three students who are the suspects of the murder. Although Jessica states from her instinct that the three names might be innocent. 

One of the students in the book Louisa has a habit of cheating, and she could never go to Oxford if the secret is revealed to the authorities. When Bright confronts Jessica, she leaves him in an airtight vault after pulling the plug. Bright later triggers the fire suppression system to open the vaults.

Prodigal Son Season 2 Epiosde 4

Cast Of Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 4

Once the case comes to an end bright decides to meet his dad who states to him that, “The entire world describes him as a little problematic person…” He also added that he is “not all bad”. He also added that you should be well-known because you are the son of a rich killer and a devil, Am I right? You are Malcon Whitley, my boy, my son, and never forget this fact. Bright also replied positively to his dad, stating, “Don’t worry, I Can’t”.

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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 4 Preview

The latest episode of the Prodigal Son season 2 is titled, “Take Your Father To Work Day” and here is what all the fans and audience would love to know about the official synopsis from Fox television. 

In the Fourth episode of the Prodigal Son season, 2 Martin is pleased when unexpected circumstances lead him to Malcolm’s case for which he was waiting for a long time. Ainsely also develops a strong feeling that Malcolm must be hiding something from her. Also, do watch the preview of the show mentioned below for more details regarding the fourth episode of the Prodigal Son season 2.

Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date And Streaming Platforms

The fourth episode of Prodigal Son season 2 is expected to launch on Fox television on February 2, 2021, at 9 PM ET and 8 PM CT. 

If you have subscribed to Fox television on your cable connection, then it is the simplest way to watch the Prodigal Season 2. Well, if you don’t have a cable connection, then you can use your laptop or computer to head to Fox television’s official website to stream the show. You can also watch the show on Hulu TV, Fubo TV, Amazon Prime, and YouTube TV. Meanwhile, fans can also stream the fourth episode of Prodigal Son season 2 on Fox Now, and On Demand by fetching help from their television provider.                     

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