Pickle Wheat’s Baby Daddy: Meet The Swamp People Star’s Love Interest

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Who Is Pickle Wheat's Baby Daddy
Pickle Wheat: Swamp People star (CC: YouTube)

Want to know who Pickle Wheat’s baby daddy is? Yes, we are talking about the Swamp People star who is currently making headlines for her expecting a child. Despite being her fan, many of you still don’t know that she is originally known as Cheyenne Wheat. Well, the question is who is the father of her baby? Before getting into that, let’s briefly discuss Pickle Wheat’s prominence in the television industry. 

Pickle Wheat is known for her art of trapping alligators. She inherited the skills from her father. Not forget to mention, Pickle is a deckhand operating along the Atchafalaya River Basin. It is located in Louisiana. Born on 21 September 1995, she is now 28 years old.

Not everyone knows that her brother is in no way related to this profession but is a country singer. He is named James Wheat; he excels at playing guitar. In short, we may say that Pickle is very much into animals and often posts pictures with alligators and deer. 

Pickle Wheat got involved with the History Channel show Swamp People, not from the very start, but since Season 12. Concerning her baby, Pickle is blessed with a baby girl. As soon as she revealed the news of her pregnancy on the internet, thousands of people started sending her good wishes and congratulatory texts. But who is she sharing the baby with? If you are looking for who Pickle Wheat’s baby daddy is, here is what we know.

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Meet Pickle Wheat’s Baby Daddy: Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Talking about Pickle Wheat’s baby daddy, he is no one else but her boyfriend, Joshua Kippes. Well, fans don’t seem to be just concerned with the name but also with his identity. What does he do? Pickle Wheat’s baby daddy is an EMT in New Orleans. Previously, she was romantically related to Chase Landry

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It was in November 2022 the Swamp People star Pickle Wheat announced the news of her pregnancy for the very first time. No doubt, it was indeed a great feeling, not just for the young couple but also for their fans. Also. she teased her fans through a social media post that they would have a “little lady coming in May.” So, this month it is! Wow.

Fans are becoming highly impatient. Little did you know, based on their Instagram post, Pickle and her boyfriend, Joshua, are also raising a young son.  It seems like there is immense love between the two, having a great connection. 

Who Is Pickle Wheat's Baby Daddy
Pickle Wheat’s baby daddy: Joshua Kippes (CC: Instagram)

Nothing much about Pickle Wheat’s baby daddy is known. Also, initially, the love birds kept their relationship low-key. As the news of their expecting a baby girl came out, some fans were speculating if Pickle and Joshu are already hitched. The answer is- No.

On this note, you must know that neither Pickle Wheat nor her boyfriend has shared about making any plans. At present, they are just focusing on their pregnancy and raising their child together. 

Aren’t you excited? It’s indeed a crucial time for the Swamp People star. We believe that Pickle Wheat’s baby daddy, Joshua, is taking proper care of her. We wonder if their daughter is also going to own the art of trapping alligators. 

Best Wishes to Pickle Wheat for the upcoming days of her life. You may give Pickle a following on her Instagram account for more updates. We are sure it will not just be her but also Pickle Wheat’s baby daddy, who will be a caring parent—sending loads of love to their child. 

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