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Ai Long Nhai Episode 11: Release Date & How To Watch

Ai Long Nhai Episode 10 recap
Ai Long Nhai Episode 11: Release Date

Fans of BL show always look forward to the next episode of every BL show they are bingeing on at th moment. The very popular BL thai drama is Ai Long Nhai, and we are here with Ai Long Nhai episode 11 release date and how to watch Ai Long Nhai online but before all these, let’s go through Long Nhai’s premise once again. Focused on in Ai Long Nhai are Nhai and Ai, connected by a keychain.

On the contrary, Ai left the country after a conflict and returned. He relocates to Thailand & enrolls at an institution, where he meets Nhai, the potential love of his life. It’s amazing to witness their bond as Nhai & Ai. A week seems excessively long, to put it mildly. Parents of Ai are very proud of him. When he told them he was dating someone, they were much more excited than he had been.

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Ai Long Nhai 2022 Episodes Recap

The show began as Chen and Ai traveled from Thailand to Bangkok, using the bird as the inspiration for their story. It’s hilarious to watch Ai’s parents scare him by destroying his grandfather’s vehicle and suspending his credit cards, forcing him to make wise decisions. Fortunately, he can talk to the man before he exits his vision.

Ai Long Nhai Episode 10 recap

A still from recent episodes of Ai Long Nhai.

In later episodes, Ai makes no effort to conceal his affection for Nhai, but Nhai refuses to acknowledge it. Nhai started spending a lot of time with Ai because his previous relationship had made him unhappy, and Ai seized any chance to spend time with him.

Ai feels a sexual attraction to Nahi but isn’t sure if it will act on it. Nhai, who has never before fallen in love, is baffled by his evolving feelings for Ai. Ai captured everyone’s attention by saying some truly beautiful things to his partner. Nhai makes fun of Ai, saying it would be better for him to go because he’s constantly messy.

Nhai is pinned to the bed by Ai, who then persuades him that Nhai respects him more than he realizes.
Intha received a parcel that he was unable to identify the source of. On the other side, Sing recommends Nhai tell Ai because he cares about him so much. Nhai, on the other hand, was hesitant to share it because he wasn’t sure what he was feeling.

Sing merely wanted to ensure he expressed his feelings to him. When he came back, they chose to watch a movie, and as was to be expected, he was afraid. Nhai and Ai were chatting with their friends when Jida entered and gave Ai a lunch gift. Jida, meanwhile, had a love inclination toward Ai.

Ai Long Nhai Episode 10 recap

A scene from episodes of Ai Long Nhai.

Jida was reluctant to speak with him even though her friends urged her to do so, possibly because Nhai felt something for someone else. In contrast, Nhai presents Ai to his father in the most recent episode. An attempt is being made. During the uni’s countertop ceremony, Intha and Song make up, and Nine encounters a guitarist named FM. The main focus was on interpersonal relationships and watching all the blossoming love was wonderful.

Ai Long Nhai Episode 11 Release Date

Ai Long Nhai Episode 11 Release Date is set to be (mon) Dec 5, 2022. Ai Long Nhai Episode 11 will be telecast on thai channel three at midnight EDT. Fans can access Ai Long Nhai Episode 11 on the following dates and times:

  • British Summer Time: 4.00 am (Dec 5, 2022)
  • Indian Standard Time: 9.30 am (Dec 5, 2022)
  • Singapore Standard Time: noon (Dec 5, 2022)
  • Philippines Standard Time: noon (Dec 5, 2022)
  • Japanese Standard Time/Korean Standard time: 1.00 pm (Dec 5, 2022)
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 3.00 pm (Dec 5, 2022)

Ai Long Nhai Episode 11 Streaming Guide

As previously mentioned, Ai Long Nhai airs on HD Channel 3 in Thailand every Monday. Tencent Video also offers the most recent episode of this Thai television program. As a result, you can also watch the show there. Viewers from outside of Thailand can watch the program on iQiyi. Unfortunately, no other streaming service that provides the show has been found.

Do keep an eye out for improvements on this website. It’s a request to the fans staying outside Thailand who want to watch Ai Long Nhai Episode 11. As soon as it comes out in these nations, they must keep a check on the dates and times we listed in the previous section. Happy streaming!

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