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Oda Confirms Kaidou’s Devil Fruit Name – One Piece SBS

Kaidou Devil Fruit
Kaidou's Devil Fruit Azure Dragon

One Piece manga has entered an interesting territory, with new things coming with each coming chapter. So fans are still in the dark, mostly about things that have to do with Kaidou and Big mom’s history as even their former crew, the Rocks Pirates, remains a mystery. In the ongoing raid at Onigashima, Kaidou and Big mom are fighting the worst generations of pirates. But even they don’t prove to be too much for the two Yonkos. 

Kaidou has just transformed into his hybrid form with Big Mom also ready to go full power in this fight. At this point, the calamities have only proved to be just entertainment for Big Mom and Kaido, who agree that they are having fun. This came at the expense of Luffy’s gear 4 and will be out for the next 10 minutes. Taking a look at the latest One Piece SBS with Oda. He has revealed a lot of interesting developments that we should expect. 

This includes a possible hint at Luffy’s gear 5 and more on Kaidou’s devil fruit powers. The first time we got a hint about Kaidou’s devil fruit powers was when Big Mom was reminiscing with him while waiting for the calamities to appear. Big Mom told Kaidou that he owes him for a lifetime for the gift of the Fish-Fish fruit that Big Mom gave to Kaidou during the Rock’s Pirates fall. But since we don’t see any resemblance of a fish in Kaodou’s form, we only wondered what model of devil fruit powers would this be. 

One Piece will continue next week with One Piece chapter 1004, and you will be able to read it online on VIZ Media and Manga Plus official websites. 

Kaidou’s Devil Fruit Name

One Piece SBS volume 98 saw Oda answer some questions about the ongoing fight in Wano. This included questions like if Luffy would get a gear 5 in Wano, to which Oda pointed out that he is facing the strongest man in the world. He also noted that the world is moving from 4G to 5G and jokingly commented that G means gear. And now, when it comes to Kadious devil fruit powers and name, Big Mom already told us that it is a Fish Fish fruit, but Oda has confirmed its full name.

Kaidou Devil Fruit

Kaidou’s Devil Fruit Azure Dragon

The SBS Volume 98 revealed that Kaidou’s devil fruit powers’ full name is The Fish Fish Fruit Model: Azure Dragon. So his powers are dragon-based and are of the Fish Fish Fruit model. Kaidou’s full powers are not yer shown in the manga. Only his basic form has appeared so far; the worst generations continue to push him to use his Hybrid form and comment that he’s having fun.

Kadou appeared to be at least twice as Big Mom’s size in his hybrid form and wants to take the fight seriously. Together with Big Mom, we will soon see the attacks that they have not used before. We will also see how Kaidoiu fights in his hybrid form and just how powerful he really is. One Piece manga has taken the fight in Wano to the next level, with Kaidou and Big Mom showing even more powerful techniques. 

One Piece SBS Volume 98 revealed more on Kaidou’s powers, and even the latest manga chapters continue to introduce more interesting events. The CP0 is at wano and have told us that this fight might change everything about the world if Kaidou and Big Mom falls. Also, what they were talking about just press this war as a beginning to something much bigger. 

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