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Interview With The Vampire: Release Date & Everything To Know

Interview with the vampire release date
Interview with the vampire release date

Vampire fans, get ready to stick your necks out for this one! Because we have a great piece of news, AMC will remake a classic. Here’s Interview With The Vampire release date, cast, and everything we managed to scoop up from the internet concerning this upcoming remake of the classic Anne Rice novel that managed to captivate so many readers and got so much traction since its 1994 adaptation to film starring Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst and Brad Pitt. Now with a renewed cast and the minds that brought us great productions like Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, we have this bloodsucker production right around the corner!

If you’re unfamiliar with Interview With The Vampire is a fictional novel written by Anne Rice. It tells the story of Louis, a young man who is turned into a vampire by another vampire named Lestat. Louis then goes on a journey to find out more about himself and his new condition. Along the way, he meets other vampires and learns about their world.

Interview With The Vampire Is Back

Initially, a book penned by the renowned artist Anne Rice nearly fifty years ago, Interview With The Vampire will make a comeback to the small screen via AMC, the network ordered an eight-episode debut season that will release this year in exclusivity on that network and its streaming service. After penning a deal with Anne Rice, AMC got the rights for eighteen titles of her work, and that included the vast “Vampire Chronicles”, “Mayfair Witches”, “Interview With The Vampire”, “Blood Communion: A Tale Of Prince Lestat”, “The Queen of The Damned”, “Prince Lestat”, “The Vampire Lestat” and many more! Meaning that the network now has full ownership of the entirety of the intellectual property of that series, and they can make it go wherever they want!

Interview with the vampire release date

Anne Rice’s son will be executive producing this series!

Who’s Producing Interview With The Vampire?

AMC brought Mark Johnson from Breaking Bad, Rolin Jones, and Christopher Rice as executive producers. Moreover, Christopher Rice —Anne Rice’s son— will have a chair as executive producer in all the upcoming series and movies that AMC will make concerning the vampire brand that she developed.

Who’s In The Cast of Interview With The Vampire?

For AMC’s version of Interview With The Vampire, Sam Reid —you may recall him from “The Newsreader— will play Lestat de Liocourt, and Jacob Anderson —you may recall him from HBO’s Game of Thrones— will play Louis de Pointe du Lac. Claudia will be played by Bailey Bass —you may recall her from “Avatar: The Way Of The Water— and Daniel Molloy will be played by Eric Bogosian —you may recall him from his role in HBO’s “Succession”— far, that’s all we know concerning the cast. AMC has been very tightlipped about this project.

Interview with the vampire release date

Sam Reid and Jacob Anderson will give life to Lestat de Lioncourt and Louis de Point du Lac.

What Is The Plot About?

This AMC series is taking a spin. While The plot involves Lestat turning Louis into a vampire, the backdrop of this bloodsucker tale won’t be some fancy European castle. Instead, the showrunners are taking us to the early 20th Century New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States. Here, we will see how this tale of love, immortality, and blood intertwines right in the middle of a raucous context, as New Orleans at that time was extravagant, violent, discriminative, and complicated.

Interview With The Vampire Trailer

Interview With The Vampire Release Date

Interview with the Vampire will release on AMC and AMC plus on Sunday, October 2, 2022, in a time slot that will follow the Walking Dead series finale, marking AMC’s next shot at what’s ahead for them in the upcoming seasons. Can this series be a success or a flop? We’ll have to wait and see. That’s all the time we have for Anne Rice’s Interview with The Vampire at the moment. Thanks for your attention. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends on social media. See you soon!

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