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Canada’s Ultimate Challenge Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch

Canada's Ultimate Challenge

Canada’s Ultimate Challenge Episode 3 release date is what is making the fans super excited. The series is a kind of challenging reality TV show. We see the contestants trying to win after going through a huge obstacle course.

This course is actually spread across the entire country. The creators have appointed 6 coaches for the players to be guided, which also teaches them brand new strategies and how to win the various courses easily.

These mentors are present for the players every step of the way and course and help them throughout. Now, the challenges take place at each of the sites, which are already decided by the creators all across Canada. Regular citizens are offered to take part in the same, and we see different people throughout.

Back in Canada’s Ultimate Challenge Episode 1, titled Squamish, British Columbia, we saw that the players have the challenge to travel to Whistler Olympic Park. This is the first task for the season and the series ever.

This inaugural challenge will see the ski jump relay race. The crew, the coaches, and the players all head over for the same to Squamish. The high ropes challenge can be a tad bit difficult. Thus, the coaches test and select 6 players for each one of them to take part in the same.

Canada's Ultimate Challenge Episode 3 Release Date and Spoilers

A still from Canada’s Ultimate Challenge

Canada’s Ultimate Challenge Episode 2 Recap

In the most recent Canada’s Ultimate Challenge Episode 2 of the season titled Hinton, Alta, we saw that the team has now moved over to this brand new location with a completely different set of challenges. The players are required to make pairs for this round. It is called River Raft Supply Dash, which shall take place on the Athabasca River. 

This river can be very dangerous if not properly geared for the same. Later in the episode, we saw the second challenge take place. Out of these pairs, solo competitors are required to climb up high for the Towering Tree Challenge, which can be very interesting to watch but tough on the players.

Canada’s Ultimate Challenge Episode 3 Release Date

Canada’s Ultimate Challenge Episode 3 release date is on 2 March 2023. The episode is titled Carcross, Yukon. It will drop out on CBC at 8.30 PM Canadian Time. New episodes of this challenge reality TV game series are released every week on the channel at the same time on Thursdays.

How to Watch Canada’s Ultimate Challenge Episode 3

Canada’s Ultimate Challenge Episode 3 will air live on CBC TV. Fans can tune into the cable network to watch them and enjoy the latest entries. Also these can be streamed online as well. It is made possible through CBC Gem.

The platform offers a free streaming facility to the watchers. As for people outside of Canada, they can watch by using a valid VPN connection such as Express VPN. You can also tally with the time schedule that we have provided below to never miss any episode.

  • United States – 8:30 PM Eastern Time/5:30 PM Pacific Time (2 March)
  • India – 7 AM Indian Standard Time (3 March)
  • Europe – 1:30 AM Greenwich Mean Time (3 March)
  • Australia – 12.30 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (3 March)
  • South Korea – 10.30 AM in South Korea (3 March)

Canada’s Ultimate Challenge Episode 3 Spoilers

Canada’s Ultimate Challenge Episode 3 is titled Carcross, Yukon. In this episode, we will witness the entire team moving to Carcross in Canada. The new challenge presented before them is called Handcar Hustle. Pairs will take part in the same at Carcross Station.

Teams are required to Bridge, Build, and Supply Carry above the river at Yukon. As for the Solo round at the end, we shall witness the Fat Tire Desert Bike Rice. There is also a surprise planned by the creators. They are going to put a random play shuffle as well.

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