The Dragon Prince Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Story and Trailer

dragon prince
Dragon prince

The Dragon Prince is a popular computer-animated web series that is based on fantasy. The show first came out on Netflix on 14 September 2018. The creator of the show is Aaron Ehasz, and Justin Richmond and the producer is Wonderstorm. The animation is made by Bardel entertainment. The last season came out on 22 November 2019 and had an exciting story. Now fans are expecting a new season to come out soon.

Where is The Dragon Prince Season 4 trailer?

The trailer has not been released yet, but after looking at the pattern of release dates of season one and two trailers, we can say, season 4 trailer will come out a few months before the original series.

What is The Dragon Prince Season 4 release date?

The Dragon Prince Season 4 will release on Netflix in May 2020. Because Netflix has talked on this topic and mentioned that the next season would come out around May 2020, but this is not an official confirmation. We are still waiting for the announcement, but we have heard about season 5 plans as well.

We will also update you once the exact release date for The Dragon Prince Season 4 is confirmed.

Who are the characters in The Dragon Prince?

Callum is the main character of the show, who is a 14-year-old boy. He becomes the first human ever to control primal magic. Rayla is a 15-year-old assassin who works with Callum and Erzan. Tarzan is the 10-year-old son of King Harrow. He has a unique ability to speak with animals.

What is The Dragon Prince about?

The show is based in a fantasy world with an element of magic on the continent of Xadia. There was a time when dragons, elves, and humans lived in peace in Xadia, but the humans began to use dark magic as they couldn’t use magic naturally. Dark magic came at the cost of sacrificing the lives of other creatures. The humans were therefore separated, and the continent was divided by a river of lava.

As the story starts, we see the war between the humans and dragons who kill the Dragon king and also destroy his heir’s eggs. The humans are attacked in return. The egg is later recovered, and it hatches into the Dragon Prince Zym.

The story has received great praise from all around, with fans getting immersed in the storytelling technique. The fight with an element of magic and dark magic goes on and goes more in-depth with time. The ratings received were positive both by the audience and also by critics. Season 4 will be returning to continue this fight. The three-dimensional creation makes the show unique, and framerates were also managed according to feedbacks. The show comes out with nine episodes in each season, and we expect the same for the next season as well.


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