Why Did Lauren German Leave Chicago Fire?

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Why Did Lauren German Leave Chicago Fire?
Lauren German from Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire, a spin-off from the hugely popular Chicago franchise that includes several popular shows like Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, etc… that mainly revolves around the lives of public officials like police officers, firefighters, and medical experts who on a daily basis put their life and career on the line just to help people and save lives.

Today we shall be talking about one such show, called Chicago Fire. The show revolves around the lives of firefighters and paramedics working at Fire House 51. The show is immensely popular and has 11 seasons and about 200-plus episodes. Making it one of the highest-demanded shows by the public.

Throughout these years, people who have watched the show throughout all its seasons must have gotten attached to a lot of its main characters, as they have seen the characters go through the ups and downs of their life. And if suddenly one of those favorite characters dies, or leaves the show it really hurts the fans and makes them sad. And today we shall be talking about one such popular character from Chicago Fire who had to leave the show.

Why Did Lauren German Leave Chicago Fire?

Actress Lauren German essayed the role of Leslie Shay, a character whom everyone loved and wanted to see more on screen. But unfortunately in season 3, her character died in a very tragic way. Yes, Lauren did leave the show, but it was the writers who took the decision to end her character in order to build a necessary emotional impact for the audience.

Why Did Lauren German Leave Chicago Fire?
Lauren German from Chicago Fire

According to the writers of Chicago Fire, season 3 needed something dramatic to continue the cliffhanger finale from season 2. And for that, they wanted to kill a character. If a new character or a less popular character would have died, it would not have created the desired emotional impact. So they kept Leslie Shay’s popularity in their mind and came to the conclusion that it definitely would be hard for the audience to digest the death of Leslie, but this is what the show needed at that time.

Apparently, Lauren accepted the decision maturely and according to the makers she also made a joke about her leaving the show. Lauren described that playing Leslie was a wonderful experience, although it’s a sad thing that her character came to an end, nevertheless, it was a wonderful experience, just to be a part of the Chicago Fire show.

What Lauren German Is Doing Now?

Well, the death of Leslie from the Chicago Fire, was not her end, instead, it opened several doors for her, and allowed her to be part of bigger and better shows. And to her luck, she got the chance to play Chloe Decker in the hit fantasy drama show Lucifer. Lucifer turned out to be a big hit for her career as the show became a worldwide sensation and is one of the most watched shows on Netflix.

Why Did Lauren German Leave Chicago Fire?
Lauren German from Lucifer

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Will Lauren German Would Ever Return To Chicago Fire?

Well, apparently it looks like Lauren German would never return to Chicago Fire, since her character is officially dead, and bringing her back to life would not much much sense. Although there is always a possibility to bring her back through some flashback episode or some recorded audio or video tape scene. It would definitely bring joy to the face of those who loved her character. But it seems the makers currently don’t have any intention to bring Lauren back to show.

Who Is Lauren German?

Lauren German is a popular American actress. Lauren was born and brought up in California. Lauren’s grandparents were Dutch, in the late 90s they migrated from the Netherlands and got settled in America. Throughout her career, Lauren has appeared in several major films like “A Walk To Remember”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Hostel part 2” etc… But her first major TV role came from the acclaimed show Chicago Fire where she played the role of Leslie Shay. But she received her ultimate worldwide fame after portraying the role of Chloe Decker from the fantasy TV show Lucifer.

Why Did Lauren German Leave Chicago Fire?
Lauren German

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