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Once Upon A Small Town Episode 5: Release Date, Streaming Guide And Preview

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 15 will have some intense scenes along with emotional edges. The drama is a light watch and if you are fond of such kdramas then Once Upon A Small Town is just for you. 

The actors did a great job in portraying their respective roles, and the chemistry is also brimming well. Park Soo-young as Ahn Ja Young, Choo Young-woo as Han Ji Yul, and Baek Seong Cheol as Lee Sang Hyeon are in the lead roles. 

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 4 Recap

Ji Yul found Ja Young with Nurungji, and he can’t help but adore her. Though he feels that it’s time for someone to adopt the dog, Ja Young thinks she can look after him. Ja Young is known for her infectious smile and adorable nature. Her helping nature makes her likable to everyone. As for Ji Yul, he already liked her, especially this side of Ja Young. 

Once Upon A Small Town Ep 5

A Still From The Series

Through a flashback, we got to know how this was not the first the Ja Young and Ji Yul have met. They met in their childhood, and he gave her a dog named Cloud.

Sang Hyeon on the other hand, meets the two of them who think that it is due to Ji Yul that he is not being able to confess to Ja Young. Meanwhile, another work stumbles when Ji Yul and Ja Young go to help a cow who’s about to give birth.

However, there is an issue as the cow was having difficulty in it. With the help of Ja Young and some elbow grease, the delivery was finally successful.  

Later that night during the celebration at Se-ryeon’s place, everyone was having a good time, and while Ja Young was singing in her soulful voice, both the boys were looking at her rather astonishingly. 

Once Upon A Small Town Ep 5

A Still From The Series

While returning from the party, Ja Young and Ji Yul have a small chat. However, Ja Young loses her balance leading Ji Yul’s bicycle to fall into the paddy field. In this process, Ji Yul accidentally holds her hand, which is witnessed by Sang Hyeon.

According to him, Ji Yul should have behaved more appropriately with Ja Young and told her that all men are the same. Ji Yul leaves the place with a rough end. 

Just at that moment, we witness Sang Hyeon’s long-awaited proposal to his childhood best friend. He confessed how he no more wished her to see him just as a friend, rather more than that.

How he is just like the other men and wants to hold her hand and hug her. So he tells her not to feel too comfortable around him. Ja Young tries to process that information leading to an awkwardness filling the air. 

Preview Of Episode 5

With the latest confession, Ji Yul lives under the dilemma of whether Ja Young and Sang Hyeon are dating or not. Meanwhile, he thinks about returning to Seoul, to which Sang Hyeon tells him not to get too close to her if he has no intention of staying. On the other hand, Ja Young gets involved in an accident, leaving Ji Yul baffled. 

Once Upon A Small Town Ep 5

A Still From The Series

 Where To Watch Once Upon A Small Town Episode 5? Online Streaming Details 

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 5 will be available on its original network Kakao Tv. The drama is also available on the global streaming platform Netflix. To watch the drama there, you need to buy a subscription. Choose a plan according to your convenience, and then you are all set to watch Once Upon A Small Town. 

When Will Once Upon A Small Town Episode 5 Release?

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 5 will release on 13th September 2022. The series is an old tale with a rather predictable plot. Despite that, something is soothing about it. Amidst roaring genres like mystery, crime, psychological thrillers, and revenge plots, you can use this drama as an escape route.

It presents some sort of tranquility and if you are a fan of dramas like Hometown Cha Cha Cha and Our Blues, give this drama a chance. 

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