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How To Get Chimera MW2? Full Guide

Call of Duty MW2

The people’s favorite 3rd person multiplayer shooter game by Infinity Ward came back with a stunning sequel to its predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It took the community by storm once again with Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) and Warzone 2.0. The new release brought many changes to the gameplay, a whole new story, great loadouts, and brand-new skins for guns and characters with new game modes.

With MW’s new graphics and loadouts, a ton of new weapons and skin emerged in the game and the battle pass. There are a few weapons in the game that are premium looking and has the top tier stats that you can play and flex with, but you need to grind your way to unlock those as they cannot be purchased with money, and in this article, we will answer the most asked question “How to get Chimera?” in the Modern Warfare 2 game.

How To Unlock Chimera In MW2? Throughout The Games

If you want to play this game up close and personal, Chimera is your weapon to go with and dominate the battleground. The gun has a good suppressor, a nice magazine size, upgraded stock for lesser recoil, and subsonic .300 BLK ammo, which will slow your enemy when hit as each round holds a punch. So How to unlock the Chimera in the fastest way possible, you ask, and  here’s your answer:

  • Extract the weapon from DMZ building 21 or,
  • Get two operator kills with assault rifles in 15 separate matches.

Building 21 is not currently available to go in, so you can follow a faster method to obtain the gun. Load into a “fast-paced” match and jump into the new map called “Shipment” after the match starts, get two operator kills with any assault rifle of your choice, then as soon as you get two kills, back out of the match and load another game in shipment and repeat the process 15 times.

Chimera Assault Rifle/Honey Badger

Chimera AR (credits: Infinity Ward)

Don’t worry about backing out of the match each time after getting two kills, as the system will count the kills and the match even if you back out for this challenge, we know it wasn’t in the past, but in this recent patch, they will and even if you leave the match after getting two kills you will progress in your challenge.

This entire challenge shouldn’t take more than 15–20 mins, considering you are an average spray and pray player like me and even lesser if you know your way in FPS gaming. You could repeat the same process in Warzone 2.0 if you didn’t purchase Modern Warfare 2. Go into a match, land somewhere safe on the map, gather 1 or 2 assault rifles, and kill two enemies. Then you can leave the match and repeat the process.

Keep checking your Chimera unlock progress from the loadout menu on the home page to keep an eye on your progress, which means simply by maths, you have to play eight games of “Shipment” with two kills to unlock the weapon, and to be honest, that is an easy task for the reward it gives.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (credits: Infinity Ward)

Conclusion For The Chimera In MW2

After unlocking, you can level up your weapon 18 times to unlock the attachments and skins to make the gun look like a beast. Compared to most Assault Rifles, the Chimera has a lower effective range, making it a more potent and silent substitute for the M13B from the same platform, which is quicker and noisier.

The Chimera is a headshot machine with incredibly little recoil and the agility to swivel and react fast during a fierce conflict. Many streamers consider the gun’s iron sight “sweet,” and many professionals often use it as their secondary weapon.

The Chimera is distinctive because it is equipped with a suppressor by default, eliminating the need for a muzzle. If you still want to go for a muzzle, we recommend the Polarfire-S for this gun. You can conserve your priceless attachment slots.

Due to the Chimera’s rapid firing, we advise using the Munitions Box whenever possible to prevent magazine burn, and also attaching the 45-Round magazine would be the best idea for this weapon. You can experiment and swap between sights and stock type since those don’t make a difference in the stats for this gun.

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