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Dr. Stone – Everything That Happened, Season 2 Release Date, Updates!

Dr Stone

This is the first time an anime piqued our interest in chemistry and just science in general. Science has always been fun, but Dr. Stone takes it to a whole different level. Who knew such topics could be so interesting when told by some of the most lovable characters. This anime also works to study basic science without losing its content quality in the slightest! Usually, when informative topics are included in an anime to educate the viewers, we hit the fast forward button in seconds, not here. While watching Dr. Stone, we wait for the informative parts.

Let’s understand why this unique anime did so well when it comes to audience satisfaction and ratings. Watch the Dr. Stone Season 2 trailer here:

First, let’s get right into the weird and interesting story behind Dr. Stone.

Spoiler Alert!

We start with a small introduction to our main characters. We meet at Senku Ishigami, our 18-year-old protagonist. He is a brilliant scientist, too brilliant, years ahead of his age.

To understand the level of his scientific capability, let’s take a look at some of the inventions and works he came up with when he was just a kid. He built a working rocket and sent 3 figurines of him and his friends up into space; keep in mind all of these were done when he was around 10 years old.

After that, he built an electric wave gun thingy to take care of his bullies, a fully controllable suit to help his dad become a better swimmer, and many more. His number 1 ambition was to go to space and study the things that lie beyond.

But it looks like his dreams will go to waste as a strange green beam floods the entire planet Earth, turning every single human being into stone. Usually, the protagonist and some of his friends survive, nope every single human being was turned to stone hence wiping humanity off the planet.

But we come to know that even though they are stones, they haven’t died; they can still think and keep themselves awake. Almost 3700 years later, Senku mysteriously wakes up from his deep slumber, making him the only living human being on the planet; well, that’s what he thinks.

After waking up, Senku takes little time to catch up on what happened. he kept his mind from falling asleep by counting the seconds he was petrified. Right after he wakes up, he takes on the task of rebuilding civilization.

He carries out his living by depending on the natural elements mother Earth provides. After some time, Senku’s best friend Taiju, who he calls Big Oak, also wakes up. The two of them unite and plan to revive the rest of humanity.

With Senku’s brilliance and Taijus’s strength, both of them make an unstoppable pair; they make so many advancements in a short time. Senku finally creates a liquid that can revive every person on the planet, but it’s very time-consuming to make and isn’t available that easily.

Dr Stone featured

On their way to revive the first person maunu=ally they run into lions who no doubt were going to eat them up; the duo is forced to revive a face they know, Tsukasa Shishio, one of the strongest martial artists in the country. After waking up, he kills the alpha lion using his bare knuckles.

With the new addition to the team, work picks up 100 times faster. But Senku knew something was off with Tsukasa, and it sure was. He had no interest in reviving older adults, who he believes is the greatest threat to humanity; he only wants the youth back. He wants a new Earth where every person is free and doesn’t owe anyone else; for this to happen, he also believes that science should never occur.

He then decides to go on a rampage of breaking statues, which would result in the person inside the statue to be killed and can never be revived. He kills tons of older adults, knowing everything has come to Senku, and Taiju decides to run for it. But only after reviving a third friend, Yuzuriha, who also is Taiju’s love interest.

The trio makes a run for the hills hoping to make gunpowder and thereby making guns, which is the only thing capable of defeating Tsukasa. But the martial artist catches up to them and threatens to kill Yuzuriha if Senku doesn’t tell him how to make the revival fluid.

Without a doubt in mind, Senku decides to save his best friend from Tsukasa and tells him the formula. Tsukasa then asks Senku to promise that he would never follow the path of science; if he promises this, then Tsukasa wouldn’t kill him.

Senku being the stubborn scientist he is, denies, Tsukasa strikes him in the neck, breaking a crucial bone and killing him. Taiju and Yuzuriha escape with Senku’s body, and Tsukasa doesn’t chase after them because without the brilliant scientist, the other two arents even a problem anymore. He then moves on to revive the best young statues to build his new empire.

But our anime protagonist wouldn’t die that easily, would he? Senku predicted that Tsukasa would kill him. By applying some mind games, he could trick Tsukasa into striking the exact position on his neck where a piece of the petrification remained. If the revival fluid is applied to said petrification, everything surrounding it would be healed, thereby bringing Senku back to life.

On their way, they also came across the revelation that they weren’t the only humans, so by using this to their advantage, Senku decides to approach the other humans on being part of his Kingdom Of Science, which would go into war against The Tsukasa Empire.

He sends off Yuzuriha and Taiju to the empire to act as spies and help Senku, the trio, part ways, vowing to meet soon with only success around the corner.

Dr Stone Image

Senku makes it to the other humans, a lot of events unfold, and it turns out these humans weren’t revived; they are the descendants of the only humans that weren’t turned to stones. This happened because those 6 humans were up in space when everything happened; one of the humans is actually Senku’s role model, his stepdad.

It turns out the village is actually made, hoping that Senku finds it someday and revives everyone with the village’s help.

After some fun-filled events and a few confrontations with the people from the Tsukasa empire, Senku is crowned chief of the village. This was mainly because he could save the princess, thereby creating a drug from whatever he could find, which cured her pneumonia.

After he becomes chief, he enlists all the villages’ help into bringing the current era back to how the modern world worked. With their help, he prepares for the upcoming battle with the Tsukasa empire that will take place in season 2, which is set to release on January 14th.

You can watch season 1 on Netflix.

The story is so well written, and with such stories, you usually run into a ton of plot holes, but you would find none of them in Dr. Stone. It’s written so beautifully.

What makes this anime different from any other is how the science is written into this; science is treated as an actual character in this anime. Every hurdle Senku clears with his friends’ help implement a sense of achievement in the viewers.

It’s exciting to watch the primitive villagers react to the scientific stuff that Senku puts out; the facial expressions and comedic dialogues are so funny.

Dr Stone Characters

Almost every episode revolves around Senku, making a new piece of equipment that brings the current world closer to being what the world once was, the modern era. He makes a mobile phone, a water wheel, a cotton candy machine, spectacles, katana, and so many other things.

This anime is such a fun-filled ride filled with funny characters and a huge in-depth story to support it. Don’t worry; you don’t have to do a single thing about science to understand it; almost all characters apart from Senku cant even probably spell science. Actually, after watching the whole anime, you would probably walk out learning a few things about science.

It was verified that the anime principles are actually true and working; it’s just exaggerated and maybe dumbed down. Happy Watching!

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