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The Way Home Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

The Way Home Episode 9
The Way Home Episode 9

The Way Home Episode 9 Release Date is what fans are hoping to know more of after The Way Home Episode 8 gave us thrills on 12 March 2023. The series throws light on three generations of women, mainly Kat and Alice, who meet through the fabric of time in order to solve their past family issues so that their grandmother can have a yappy life in the future.

Back in the most recent episode 8 of the season titled Lovefool, we saw that this time, Kat is traveling through time. Jacob obviously is not included in the same. Otherwise, she is going by the rules and not messing with the people who can again change the trajectory of their actions. Despite the fact that we saw her trying to be closer to her parents and talk with them in this episode, it was better to maintain her safe distance.

The Way Home Episode 8 Recap – Lovefool

Elliot had already advised her of the adverse effects of messing up with the same, and it could be harmful to everyone. Thus, this time, she is sitting back and watching what went down wrong to get the answers she needs.

More than she wants to talk with the people, Kat wants to understand her past better. The biggest mystery they have inside of them is why did Jacob disappear in the first place when they all they could to save him from the outcome. Thus, the duo is trying to look deeper and understand everything that has happened.

The Way Home Episode 9 Release Date & Spoilers

A still from The Way Home Episode 8

Kat thought that the whole thing would be pretty easy to handle just like she found out about Colton and whatever he was doing at the motel. But, well, this is a bigger mystery, and by the looks of it, we can expect the same to go on for a longer time.

On the other hand, she always thought that her parents were perfect for each other. Despite the fact that they loved each other, it was really hard for them to see each other through the process of losing a child. She didn’t quite understand why Colton would try to hide his pain away from his own wife, but soon it started to make a lot of sense.

We understand how every person needs their own way of effectively dealing with their losses and hurt, and it was the couple’s own doing, so that was making them go apart. Del needed to move on and stay busy because stopping would mean that the memories would come back. As for Colton, he wanted answers on the disappearance of his son, and accepting and just moving on was not a real option at all.

The Way Home Episode 9 Release Date

The Way Home Episode 9 release date is on 19 March 2023. The episode is titled The Day the Music Died. It will drop out on The Hallmark Channel at 9 PM Eastern Time. New episodes are available every week on Sundays.

How to Watch The Way Home Episode 9

The Way Home Episode 9 is available to watch through The Hallmark Channel live when it airs. Also, they will put out the new episodes online for fans to stream on the official website. As for the international fans, they need to take care of the time difference for the same.

  • India – 7.30 AM Indian Standard Time (20 March 2023)
  • Europe – 2 AM Greenwich Mean Time (20 March 2023)
  • Australia – 1 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (20 March 2023)
  • USA – 9 PM Eastern Time (19 March 2023)
  • Canada – 9 PM Eastern Time (19 March 2023)

The Way Home Episode 9 Spoilers

The Way Home Episode 9 is titled The Day the Music Died. In this episode, we will witness Alice trying to bid farewell to her past at all costs because the present version of her needs her. On the other hand, we will witness that Jat messes up with time in this episode as she tries to change the trajectory of her father’s death. By the end of the episode, we will witness that Del will also look at her past from a different angle to it all in order to understand it better.

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