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How To Watch The Visit in 2022? Everything To Know

How to Watch The Visit
The Visit

Even after seven years of its release, fans are still curious to know about how to watch The Visit. The film was released in 2015. It has the genre of comedy mixed with horror. The narrative style of this story is found footage. M. Night Shyamalan directed the project, and this is how you know that it is an amazing film. The story looks up to two young siblings named Becca as well as her little brother Tyler.

The duo lives with their mother, who is a single parent. She got divorced almost 15 years ago and lived away from her parents. Well, the movie finally begins its plot the grandparents of these children track them down through the internet. They invite the siblings for a week at their farmhouse. All this while, their mother gets an opportunity to go on a cruise with her boyfriend.

The Visit became a box office success. We saw it being made on an initial budget of merely 5 million dollars. Upon its release, the film grossed over 98 million dollars. The director has worked especially well in raising the psychic curiosity of the watchers. Even in the post, he has listed the rules of the house at The Farmhouse, which surely raises questions among the fans who would want t watch the film.

How to Watch The Visit in 2022

A still of Nana from The Visit

It is clearly stated that the children are not allowed to leave their room as soon as the clock strikes at 9:30 PM. The above two rules at the farmhouse state that the children can eat as much as they want and play as much as they want.

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How To Watch The Visit

Prime Video

The Visit is available to watch in certain regions through Amazon Prime Video. The platform’s basic subscription costs about 8.99 dollars a month. You can also add an additional prime membership to the cart. This upgrade will cost you extra and take the price up to 14.99 dollars a month. You can buy the upgraded version for a year at a discounted rate of just 139 dollars.


The Visit is available on demand through Amazon. It can either be bought or rented. If you wish to rent the movie, it is available for 3.99 dollars and provides HD quality. Once you are done with the payment, the users will have 30 days to watch the clip. After beginning to stream, you have to finish the movie in 48 hours. If you do not want to be held by time constraints, it is better to buy the film. It is available for 14.99 dollars in HD.

Apple iTunes

The Visit is available to watch on Apple iTunes. It offers the same cost and quality as Amazon Prime Video. Apple also has the same renting rules for the film as stated above.


Becca and Tyler decide to record a documentary film about their grandparents at the farm. They refer to them as Nana and Pop Pop. The couple picks the children up from a train station. When they see the farm, it is located quite on the outskirts of the town and does not see much life around. Their grandparents advise the children not to enter the basement ever because it contains mold and might cause them allergies. Among other rules, the one that stands out the most is the best time rule. It says that the children are not allowed to roam free after 9:30 PM.

Initially, the parents seem to be very normal and chill about the children. They take care of them and see the sights together. Although slowly, their behavior changes and they become quite estranged. On the first night, Becca feels hungry and goes downstairs to eat something. This is at 10:30 PM when she sees her Nana puking in a projectile.

The next day, when the siblings were playing hide and seek, Nana started chasing them in a creepy way. This raises concerns among the kids. Tyler also comes across some solid diapers in the shed. To know what happens next and what is the truth about this place, I suggest you watch The Visit through the platforms mentioned above.

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