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What Happened To A Place In the Sun’s Presenter? Jasmine Harman’s Fall

What Happened To A Place In the Sun's Presenter
Jasmine Harman

Are you wondering What Happened To A Place In the Sun’s Presenter? Well, so as the thousands of fans of Jasmine Harman. For those who are unfamiliar with the show, it is a long-running British TV show that started to entertain people around the world in 2000.

The show features different people who are willing to buy land abroad, most commonly in places with warmer weather, such as Florida, France, Italy, and Spain. The show follows experts who navigate the process of buying land in other countries to help the buyer purchase their dream home in a foreign country.

Each new episode of the show features a new buyer who is looking forward to getting a new home with the help of our team of experts. Most of the time, the buyers come up with a specific budget and a list of must-have features that their new home should have, like a private pool, sea view, garden, beach, etc. 

After listening to their requirement, our experts provide them with different options that match their criteria and provide valuable insights and bits of advice according to the local property market and how you can buy them.

But this is not as easy as it looks. While looking for property in order to transform it into their dream home, buyers often face difficult decisions and must keep in mind the different pros and cons of the place, surrounding, and many other essential things. 

What Happened To A Place In the Sun's Presenter

Jasmine Harman

This is where the main part of the presenter starts. They analyze the place completely in order to answer and advise on any questions the buyers have in their mind, and in the end, help them to make the best decision on which property to buy. 

At the end of most of the episodes, the buyer makes their final decision to buy the property, and the show concludes when the buyers sign the legal paperwork and contract in order to purchase their dream home. The show is known for demonstrating a wide range of properties.

They feature villas and places from the most budget-friendly apartments to the most luxurious ones. It features all the processes a person goes through while buying a property in a foreign country and also provides an opportunity to learn about the potential challenges that come while buying land abroad, along with all the paperwork, legalities, and other aspects.

The show is well known for the experts in properties, who are also called the “presenter.” They are experts in the field of this business and provide their valuable insights into a foreign land in order to help the buyer make the best decision.

What Happened To A Place In the Sun’s Presenter?

Jasmine Harmen is back on A Place in the Sun set to help a new group of people who are looking for a new holiday home. However, the presenter revealed that things haven’t been going so smoothly for her, as she revealed that she had a nasty fall some days ago. She also shared the details of her injury in this recent incident with her more than seventy thousand followers on Instagram. 

What Happened To A Place In the Sun's Presenter

Jasmine Harman

Jasmine posted a picture of herself on the beach wearing a floral top along with a hoop earring and a large golden sun necklace, while in the caption, she wrote that she has finally back to work this year.

While mentioning her necklace, she also added that maybe the sun would show his face later, but for now, the only sun around her is the lovely necklace that she had got for the Christmas of this year. 

She later added that she still could not complain, and the day was still better than yesterday. This is because yesterday in London, she accidentally slipped her leg on the ice and smacked her head on the ground. She later continued adding an emoji of a head bandage. 

Later she asked her fans about their day, tagging A Place in the sun and the provider of her outfit, Alie Street London. Jasnimes followers took to the comment section to check that the presenter had since recovered from her fall. Some of the comments were, “Hope you are okay,” “Be Kind To Yourself,” and similar kind and sweet comments for her good health and speedy recovery.

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