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‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Review: A Love Story Between A Special Force Officer And A Surgeon!

Descendants Of The Sun Kdrama Review
Descendants Of The Sun Kdrama Review

The rom-com action Descendants Of The Sun is one of the most popular kdramas but has one would be left to check out the review as the audience has a  mixed reaction to it. It was a big hit when it premiered. It even was broadcast across Asia due to its huge popularity. In short, the drama follows the romantic tale between a special force officer and a surgeon. Kang Mo Yeon is a cardiothoracic surgeon working. She is an assertive woman who isn’t afraid of admitting her mistakes and believes that capability overrides the connections you have.

Meanwhile, Yoo Shi Jin is the captain of the Alpha Team and is always ready to help anybody in need and protect his country. And so, when the two opposites attract each other, the glow of romance sparks brighter!

With the opposite attraction, the connection from the past, and a blast of action, Descendants Of The Sun is a rollercoaster ride. The heart-thumping chemistry between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo pulls viewers into the pit of cheesy romance! Besides, Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won showed adorable chemistry on the screen as the second couple. Although the drama premiered in 2016, many viewers still wonder whether to watch it or not! After all, Descendants Of The Sun kdrama is not everyone’s cup of tea, knowing it has mixed reviews!

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Descendants Of The Sun Review: Watch It Or Skip It?


Descendants Of The Sun is one of those kdramas that has mixed reviews despite its huge fame! The drama narrates a love story between a special force officer Yoo Shi Jin and a surgeon Kang Mo Yeon. Throughout the series, we see how Kang Mo Yeon struggles and takes time to initiate her relationship with Captain Yoo Shi Jin. Although the chemistry between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo is sweet, the ground storyline doesn’t give them much space to explore.

Descendants Of The Sun Kdrama Review

Descendants Of The Sun Episodes Review Cr: KBS2

The highlight of Descendants Of The Sun is when the special force officers and a team of surgeons overcome various obstacles during their stay at Urk! However, after their return, the plotline somehow seems a little dragging, creating tiny gaps here and there. However, Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, and Kim Ji Woo try their best to fill the gaps. Besides the main couple, Kim Jin Won and Jin Goo did a great job as the second couple. Therefore, Descendants Of The Sun kdrama has positive and negative reviews!

Furthermore, the drawbacks of Descendants Of The Sun are a cliche story, predictable plot, repetitive arguments, and lax medical and military background checks. Nevertheless, if you are a romantic kdrama buff, Descendants Of The Sun should match your taste. It is full of sweet-teeth rotten romance, girls bonding, bromance, and an action pack. Besides, the cast of Descendants Of The Sun is another highlight. The main leads made the storyline more entertaining. Therefore, Descendants Of The Sun kdrama is worth at least one try if you are a hopeless romantic! If not, it’s not your cup of tea!

Descendants Of The Sun Kdrama Review

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo

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What Are Fans Reviews?

As we mentioned, the reviews of Descendants Of The Sun are mixed. Those who love watching a decent rom-com did enjoy the drama. However, since the plotline somehow lost its charms, many found the series on a bearable level. After all, it is a mixture of action, military, medical, and rom-com. Such varied genres in one drama need some exceptional writing. It would have been better if they had cut down unnecessary drag instead of pushing till 16 episodes. Nevertheless, Descendants Of The Sun got pretty good reviews on the home ground as well as on the international level.

How To Watch Descendants Of The Sun K-Drama Online?

Despite such diverse comments, one should review Descendants Of The Sun after watching it. All 16 episodes of the drama are available on Apple TV, Hulu, Rakuten Viki, Netflix, and WeTV with English Subtitles to watch! For Hulu and Netflix streaming, viewers need to purchase a subscription plan. However, Apple TV, Rakuten Viki, and WeTV are free to stream! So without further delay, watch Descendants Of The Sun kdrama and find out if it matches your tastes or not!

Here, check out the Descendants Of The Sun kdrama trailer-

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