Are Selena Gomez And Zayn Malik Dating? Answered

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Are Selena Gomez And Zayn Malik Dating?
Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik spark dating rumors (CC: The News International)

Are Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik dating each other? The speculation started after a dinner date. Why? What happened? We shall get into that later. In case you forgot, the One Direction singer just broke up with Gigi Hadid, last year. On the other hand, the Calm Down singer was recently romantically linked to Drew Taggart. Things have been pretty much confusing after Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik got spotted together, being goofy. Wait, what? 

Do you think, they need any introduction? Well, No! Both have been crushes to many youngsters and it’s in denying. Starting with Selena, you must be well aware of her latest “mean girl drama” with Hailey Bieber. The latter thanked her for “speaking out for.” When we talk about Selena, some of her greatest music credits include- Love You Like a Love Song, Come & Get It, Look at Her Now, Hands to Myself, Feel Me, etc. 

On the other hand, Zayn Malik earned fame massively for being a member of the group, 1D. After parting ways, he started his solo career and has been doing wonders since then. Some of Zayn Malik’s hit music releases are Right Now, Steal My Girl, Back to Life, PILLOWTALK, Live While We’re Young, etc. 

Coming back to the ongoing rumors of Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik dating at present, some fans appreciated it. While the rest didn’t and seem to be against it. But, what’s more, concerning is- how true are their relationship rumors? What fueled it? The discussion is now very much prominent on Twitter. If you are looking for the validity of whether Selena Gomez and Zayan Malik are officially a couple now, here is what we know. 

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Selena Gomez And Zayn Malik Dating: How True Are Their Relationship Rumors?

No. Sadly, Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik aren’t dating each other, as of March 2023. Some of you must be disappointed now. But, this is the harsh truth. We can’t address them as a romantic couple. However, they are surely very good friends.

Talking more about it, recently, Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik got spotted together, out on a dinner date at a plush restaurant in New York City. Well, it didn’t stop there. They were found sharing a kiss, which further fueled their dating rumors. As the pictures went viral on social media, especially on Twitter, fans went into a frenzy. Surprisingly, a waitress at that restaurant, reportedly said, “Selena Gomez and Zayn just walked into (name of the restaurant) hand-in-hand, making out and I seated them.” 

Well, considering what happened, most of the other waiters and staff of that restaurant didn’t notice them. Also, as Selena and Zayn were spotted outside, both had charming smiles on their faces. It seemed like both enjoyed the date and were comfortable enough with each other. In addition to that, Zayn was also photographed while he was holding Selena’s bag on his shoulder. A boyfriend material? Yes! Absolutely!

Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik never shared anything romantic earlier. However, their friendship has always been constant, as they have been seen, while running into each other, at various shows. 

Are Selena Gomez And Zayn Malik Dating?
Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik are rumored to be sharing a romance (CC: Hindustan Times)

So, what’s the ultimate truth behind their relationship rumors? Neither Selena Gomez nor Zayn Malik confirmed the news of their dating. But, when the mean girl drama made headlines, the Calm Down singer was confirmed to have been single in the later days. Since neither of them has commented anything, it would be wrong enough to give them a tag of a “couple.” We wonder if it was just a casual, friendly date, or something beyond that. What do you think? 

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Best Wishes to both Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik! Make sure you follow them on Instagram accounts, for more such updates. Well, both look cute together. Don’t you agree? Will you be supporting Selena and Zayn dating each other? 

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