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Love Island Season 8 Episode 31 Release Date: Will New Couples Be Formed?

Love Island Season 8
Love Island Season 8

After discovering Luca’s purpose in Love Island Season 8 Episode 31, Gemma will be furious. Luca is eager to find out more about Summer, and Gemma made it quite clear that she wants to be with him. While Davide is focused on forging a relationship with a new partner, he will attempt to get past the Ekin-Su drama.

With Casa Amor in full gear as we approach the fifth week of Love Island, the current line-up has wasted no time in trying to know about the new bombshells. Although it appeared that there were several solid couples in the villa before the girls went for Casa Amor, many views have changed since the newcomers made their appearance on Love Island, especially Dami Hope’s to everyone’s surprise.

The Love Island producers might need to ship in a few extra mattresses for when the girls return from Casa Amor since Andrew Le Page is now having second thoughts about his relationship with Tasha Ghouri and has his sights set on the new girl Coco while Jacques O’Neill interacts with makeup artist Mollie Salmon. This is especially true given that it appears Danica Taylor might have finally found love after all.

Love Island Season 8 Episode 30 Recap

Before diving into Love Island Season 8 Episode 31, let’s quickly do a recap of the previous Episode. In Episode 30 Jay fixated on Chyna and told her he wants to see her fierce side after the new girls arrived at the resort. While this was going on, George questioned Ekin-Su at Casa Amor and let her know where she stood romantically. He stated that she was at the top of his list, and Ekin-Su expressed her want to learn more about him during a chat. Davide was making romantic attempts at Coco. She disclosed information about her ex and their breakup.

Love Island Season 8 Episode 31

Love Island Season 8 Episode 30 – Ekin-Su and George

Davide then revealed how Ekin-Su treated him. Coco, though, was shocked to hear that he wanted to give her another chance. While Paige was like his best friend, according to Jacques, he didn’t believe his heart belonged to her, as he told Mollie. He then admitted that he would be happy to sleep with either her or Cheyanne.

They later engaged in a series of contests. Then, the two sides received a text asking them to choose islanders for a challenge involving kissing. The Casa Amor, however, triumphed in the contest. The fact that Luca now has to kiss the new girls angered Gemma, while the revelation that Andrew had previously kissed every new islander angered Tasha.

Even when he had everything with Indiyah just right, Dami told Davide and Jacques in the evening that he decided to explore other women. Josh cornered Danica at Casa Amor and told her he wanted to sleep with her before kissing her. Chyna and Jay jumped on board. Indiyah said that she had left her options open when Deji questioned her about her wanting to get to know him. As the islanders settled in for the evening, Davide and Andrew made love to Mollie and shared a kiss, but when Casa Amor ends, will they be recoupling with the new girls? Now we will discuss when will Episode 31 of Love Island Season 8 will release and what will happen in it.

Love Island Season 8 Episode 31

Love Island Season 8 Episode 30 – Ekin-Su and George

Love Island Season 8 Episode 31 Release Date & Preview

Love Island Season 8 Episode 31 will release on 7 July 2022 on ITV2. New Love Island Season 8 episodes are aired every day except for Saturdays. Saturday episodes, as we all know, are Unseen Bit episodes where they showcase all of the unseen clips from the entire week. Therefore Episode 31 will be released on Wednesday.

Coco kisses Davide and Andrew before deciding to stay with Andrew, who had made a move on her the previous night and appears to love her company. Davide is eager to learn more about Mollie in the meantime. After Casa Amor ends, it appears that things will soon shift. A couple will find themselves in the midst of a terrible situation as a result of it. Gemma will continue to discover more about Jack in the meanwhile. Dami and Luca will be in a difficult situation because Luca will be sharing a bed with Summer.

Watch Love Island Season 8 Episode 31 Online – Streaming Details

Episode 31 of Love Island Season 8 will air at 9 pm GMT on ITV2. In the UK, viewers may stream episode 31 for free with an ITV Hub membership or watch it live on ITV2 for free. In the US Love Island episodes are a little behind their UK counterparts because they were broadcast there a few weeks after the UK premiere; nevertheless, you can watch every episode on Hulu. If you are a new subscriber, you will receive a 30-day free trial before having to pay $6.99 per month.

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