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Yurek Cikmazi Episode 12: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Yurek Cikmazi Epsiode 12: Release Date, Spo
Yurek Cikmazi Episode 12: Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

Yurek Cikmazi epsiode 12’s air date is here. Fans of this romantic drama from the Turkish industry are enthralled to bring the same when it comes out, but first, they want to learn all that is available about what will happen in their beloved show in the coming days.

We will unveil Yurek Cikmazi’s episode 12’s air date, a recap of episode 11, spoilers of the coming episodes of this entertaining Turkish drama, and a streaming guide. Before appearing before the prosecutor, Ylmaz, who had been brought to court to be questioned, became ill and had to be transported to the hospital.

Halil is waiting for his dad to get better while in the clinic, split between wrath and pity and wanting to be arrested. On the other side, they approach Zeynep more closely. Funda feels envious of the pair because of this predicament. He suggests Caner work with him to exact revenge.

Therefore, Caner is presented with the chance he is seeking. He will be able to maintain Zeynep away from Halil in this manner. He hosts a birthday celebration for Zeynep in Soso as part of the scheme. Halil & Zeynep reach an impasse with their presentation towards the conclusion of the evening.

Recap of Yurek Cikmazi Epsiode 11

During this time, a shocking witness shows who will alter the case’s trajectory. Zeynep is extremely dissatisfied after seeing Halil’s photos with Funda and tries to avoid Halil. He included Caner within Cennet’s argument because of this.

Yurek Cikmazi Episode 12 trailer

Yurek Cikmazi Episode 11’s recap.

Halil is unaffected by this action, and their interaction just intensifies. This is an improper relationship in Armaan’s eyes, who has opposed his child’s contact with Halil first from the start. Ali and Fuat were waiting for her when she went to her desk to notify Zeynep about this.

Kvanç believes he must decide whether to end his marriage after learning that Feride is expecting a child, but Feride takes that choice and executes the divorce papers. On the other hand, Halil loses his mind when he finds out that Ylmaz was set free for ego and that his family’s blood may have been found in the home.

New evidence is necessary to move the case forward and open the grave. Halil receives this information when he eventually finds it from a source he never anticipated. This advice will forever alter somebody’s life. Zeynep is intrigued by Feride’s sudden uneasiness and wants to ask about Yemen.

Yurek Cikmazi Episode 12 trailer

Yurek Cikmazi’s main cast.

He needs to put off the pressure he applies to Feride and Kvanc until the risk of miscarriage has passed. On the other side, Yusuf is still seduced by Ylmaz, desperate to bring Birsen home. In between his discussions of morality and honor, he inserts the name of Laker.

Yusuf walks against Seray after finding out his sister had contacted the hairdresser’s home when he gets home. Although Birsen, who has never seen Yusuf in that manner, is concerned, she cannot grasp the scope of the threat. Halil and Birsen visit Feride after getting an unexpected invitation from Kvanç.

For the three brothers, that evening will serve as both a night of judgment and a fresh chance for reconciliation. The unexpected appearance of Ylmaz upsets all of the preparations. The three brothers’ destinies separate once more. The only haven for Halil, who lacks any branches to cling to, is paradise.

Ali’s life was saved by Halil, who was hurt and transported to the hospital. Two ladies, one that Halil likes and another that Halil adores, are by his side. Zeynep is forced to face her genuine emotions due to this upsetting incident, and she reexamines her connection with Halil.

As soon as Halil’s accident is reported, Birsen’s home catches fire. Upon hearing that cops have shot Halil, Ylmaz stays still. Ali Fuat, on the contrary, welcomes Halil as his son without any conditions since he ignores his life for anyone he does not know.

Birsen receives a package from Kvanç while they wait for Halil to receive great news from the clinic. The Yemeni is the sole piece of murder evidence present. Kvanç wants the family to decide on Feride together. As a result, Halil’s home becomes the site of a court.

When is the Yurek Cikmazi Episode 12 Release Date?

Yurek Cikmazi’s episode 12’s release date is January 24, 2023, at around 9 pm in Turkey on TRT1. Yurek Cikmazi episode 12 will premiere on the said channel only for the Turkish audience.

Yurek Cikmazi episode 12: Where To Watch

Yurek Cikmazi’s episode 12 will come out live on TRT1 at the time mentioned above for the Turkish natives; however, fans from outside turkey cant watch the show at the moment anywhere as there is no streaming service us the remaining residue with English subtitles and fans abroad.

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