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Missing: The Other Side Season 2 Episode 8: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers, The Truth Unveils!

Missing The Other Side Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date
New episodes Of Missing: The Other Side Airs Soon! (Credits: OCN)

Directed by Min Yeon-hong, the thriller drama series, Missing The Other Side, will soon release a new episode this week. The plot has been getting more interesting as the truth behind Oh Il-yong and other members of the village has been revealing itself in the last few episodes.

This K-drama was first seen on television on August 29th, 2020. Season one of the show revolved around Kim Wook and Jan Pan-seok, both living people who come across a village full of dead people whose bodies have not been discovered. Named Duon Village, this place was a sort of temporary stay, where children, women, and men would stay until their bodies are found in the living world.

Created by Studio Dragon, the show received over a million views for its last episode. Seeing just how popular the show became, it was brought back for a second season this year, which started airing on December 19th, 2022. This time as well, the show focuses on a similar village, although the cast and stories woven into it are quite different.

Up until now, we’ve seen Kim Wook and Jang Pan-seok solve a handful of cases, all with the help of detective Shin Joon-ho and the ghost, Oh Il-yong. Missing The Other Side has been ordered for around 14 episodes, so we’ll see the crew solving many more cases while also discovering the secrets behind this new village.

Missing The Other Side Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

Wook Saves Alice (Credits: OCN)

Missing The Other Side: Season 2’s Cast

The main characters of the show are Kim Wook and Jang Pan-seok, played by Go Soo and Heo Joon-ho respectively. These actors have been a part of many hit series. Examples of Go Soo’s work include Piano, White Night, and Green Rose. Born in Nonsan, South Korea, Go Soo began his acting career in 1999, with the show My Funky Family.

Heo Joon-ho hails from a family of actors and has been a part of shows and movies like White Badge, A Petal, Asphalt Man, and Snowdrop. Other cast members we’ll be seeing in Season 2 are Ahn So-hee (Lee Jong-ah), Ha Jun (Shin Joon Ho), Lee Jung-eun (Kang Eun-sil), and Kim Dong-hwi (Oh Il-yong).

Missing The Other Side Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

Actors Heo Joon Ho (Pan-seok) and Go Soo (Kim Wook)

Missing The Other Side Season 2 Episode 7: Recap

In previous episodes, the whole village was anxious when they couldn’t find Alice anywhere. Kim Wook tries to find her and after searching for a while, he sees her lying in an abandoned ship with a footprint near it. Wook asks Kang Eun-sil about it, but she hesitantly denies knowing anything about it.

Meanwhile, Detective Shin probes deeper into the drug dealing that was going on behind the scenes, which is connected to one of the main antagonists named Goliath. 

Kim Wook and Pan-seok both feel that there’s something suspicious going on with the village, as both Oh Il-young and Kang Eun-sil have been acting weird. We see a little background story of the captain from when she was still alive. Wook investigates another case they had been dealing with.

He later meets up with Se Young who was recovering. She recognizes him and expresses just how grateful she is that Wook took care of Bo-ra. Detective Shin confronts Lee Gwang Taek, but he pretends to not know anything. Wook picks up Ro Ha’s dad from the prison, who is later devasted to know that his home was sold off and his son was missing.

Missing The Other Side Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

Detective Shin (Credits: OCN)

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The teachers in the Village talk about the children’s drawings, and how they signify what they felt when they were alive. Ro Ha’s drawings are filled with trees. Wook and the other detective talk about Goliath and how he had been involved in black marketing not only drugs but also organs.

The rest of the village people gear up to celebrate the ultimate field day, and everyone starts volunteering. Wook goes back to the normal world to uncover Goliath’s secret and comes across a blond man with a mask. Oh Il Yong shows up and reveals that this was the man who had killed him, and he, too, was a murderer.

Missing The Other Side S2 Episode 8: Release Date

The next episode of the Fictional drama will be premiering on January 10th, 2023. New episodes of Missing The Other Side are aired on Mondays and Tuesdays, with a single episode lasting about 70-75 minutes.

Missing The Other Side Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

The Village has a Field Day (Credits: OCN)

Missing The Other Side S2 Episode 8: Where To Watch?

All-new episodes of this Studio Dragon show are aired on OCN, at 8:30 am EST or 10:50 KST for South Korean Viewers. Globally, Missing The Other Side season 1 is available to stream through Netflix and Viki, However, the new season hasn’t been uploaded there yet.

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