Dr. Cha Ending Explained: The Redemption of Love

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Dr Cha
Dr Cha (Credits: JTBC)

Korean Dramas have been getting a lot of attention lately with the brand-new show ‘Dr. Cha’, as it is popularly known, is coming to an end this week. Dr. Cha made its debut on 15 April 2023 on JTBC’s channel and took the Saturday and Sunday slots, and ran for 16 episodes. So we will look into the detail of the debut season of the show as well as how it came to an end with only 16 episodes broadcast. Other popular names that the show goes by include ‘Dr. Chanjungsook’ as well as ‘Doctor Cha.’

The story follows the life of Cha Jeong-Suk, who is married to Seo In-Ho, who works as a chief surgeon at a university hospital. He has a strict and sensitive personality and is also a thoroughgoing person. Cha Jeong-Suk has been a full-time housewife for over 20 years after she gave up her career as a doctor during her medical resident years. But after all these years, she decided to restart her medical resident course anew. 

The series quickly became a commercial hit and easily made it the highest-rated series in Korean cable TV history. The series was initially scheduled for an earlier release last year but was later rescheduled for this year, so this just goes to show that the wait was worth it. 

Dr. Cha Ending Explained

Dr. Cha Episode 16 marked the ending of the first season of the series, and based on its reception, it is a no-brainer that people are looking forward to more of this story. So this means Dr. Ch season 2. But for now, there is nothing from the creators, but the demand is clearly there, and we are all looking forward to the producers of the show doing something about such a wonderful piece of work they have created. 

Dr. Cha Ending Explained
Dr. Cha Ending Explained (Credits: JTBC)

But for now, let’s look at how the first season ended. Then later, we will discuss the possibility of Dr. Cha Season 2 and anything that might be related to it. The first Season of Dr. Cha carries an important meaning for its main character. Because from the get-go, it all looked like she had to sacrifice a lot, including her career. 

But as the plot developed, we got to see the creators implementing the notion that dreams delayed are not dreams denied. And it was so nerve-wracking to see Cha fight against all odds and make sure that she still pursued her seemingly long-dead dream and career. A lot of things happened, and we all know that family comes first, and if forced to choose between family and career, most people, especially women, would choose their family. 

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Family or Career? Which One For Dr. Cha?

But who said you can’t have both? Well, that is one thing that makes Dr. Cha season 1 so interesting. This also explains why the series easily made one of the best-selling Korean Dramas even though it ran for a few months and also managed to surpass shows that have been on the market for years. 

Dr Cha Family
Dr. Cha Family (Credits: JTBC)

Another thing we managed to see from the season’s ending was that when she was diagnosed and underwent surgery, Cha decided that she would get back to her residency as a doctor. She has made so many sacrifices, and combined with the stress that she worked at a hospital, and then she was faced with a lot on her plate which led her to other medical complications with her liver. 

The season finale demonstrates the care she received from her husband as he tried to support her in every way he could. He even went as far as donating his liver before they could complete their divorce proceedings. So this shows that despite the issues they were faced with, they still cared for each other in these life-threatening conditions. 

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Seo’s Apology and Liver Donation.

Seo, who was married to Cha, did this as a gesture to show his apology for cheating on his wife. Cha has played a huge role in their relationship and family, so Seo felt that this should at least compensate for everything he has done to Cha and all the pain that he has caused her. 

Dr Cha Seo Apology
Dr. Cha Seo Apology (Credits: JTBC)

A lot of people have noticed what Cha was going through to the extent that even Cha’s physician, Dr. Roy Kim, wanted to donate his liver as well so that she could at least recover and be there for her loved ones and family. But when Cha decides to receive the liver from her husband instead, then it goes to show that she is aware of the efforts that he has been showing and that he is sorry about their marital situation.

It was at this point that we got to see the full swing of all that Cha was going through. So it is clear that the writer and the producers of the show have decided that it is time for Cha’s redemption. Because in the end, Cha was getting free from all the shackles that had made her life a misery bit by bit. 

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The Romance.

One interesting aspect of the K Drama was the romance involved. Everything started well for Cha, who was married, then her marriage was faced with a very big challenge when her husband started cheating on her. But when push comes to shove, Cha walks a path that nobody ever expected her to. 

Dr Cha Romance
Dr. Cha Romance (Credits: JTBC)

She never gave in to Roy’s romantic feelings and did not give in to her ex-husband’s advances as well. Instead, she noticed that since everything else seemed to be collapsing, it was better to pick up the ashes and use them to start her dream career. She went and opened a small neighborhood clinic and added a salad bar, and also implemented monthly volunteering visits.

This enabled Cha to spend more time with her family, and this is what has made life easier for her as a single woman. So no matter what she could have been going through, at least she has her family to give her all the support she needs. So as the season concludes, the story has already explored different themes, including how fragile life is, redemption, forgiveness, and how harsh life can be. Ultimately we got to learn a lot from this drama from the legacy that Dr. Cha has left behind.

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Where To Watch ‘Dr. Cha’ Online?

You will be able to watch Dr. Cha Season 1 online on Rakuten Viki and Netflix, but for now, it is only available in selected regions. The original series was broadcasted on the JTBC Korean TV network, but with the demand that the show is currently on, It will soon be available on additional platforms.

Since the 1st season has just ended, the production team is mostly occupied by post-season activities like broadcasting in other countries and regions. Streaming rights and licenses for other regions as well, so it is only a matter of time before the K Drama is available worldwide as well.

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Will There Be a Dr. Cha Season 2?

At this time, questions like when will Dr. Cha’s Season 2 released have already surfaced. The show was so interesting that fans wanted to see more about Cha and how she went about her daily life. But as we know, most producers of shows like this one are not quick to give straight answers. 

Dr. Cha Season 2?
Dr. Cha Season 2? (JTBC)

The series has just ended, and it was initially scheduled for only 16 episodes. So obvious when they created it. They had no idea that it would easily break the records so fast. At the moment, they are still busy dealing with the popularity and the fire that Dr. Cha has started, and obviously, from that, they will be able to see that there is a need for Dr. Cha Season 2. 

There is still a lot to be done before anything about Dr. Cha Season 2 can become the topic of the day. But ultimately, if fans are looking forward to it, we all know that it might just be a matter of time before it is in production. But it might not be anytime soon, so for now, let us enjoy the 16 episodes that Dr. Cha currently has, and before we know it, we might be surprised with more updates from the creators. 

The most interesting thing about popular Korean dramas and series is that once they receive a good reception from the fans, the creators usually respond to the desire of the fans and give them more from their story. 

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