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Urban Legend Episode 1: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Urban Legend

Urban Legend Episode 1 release date is quite near. This calls for a detailed analysis of the same. Well, this anthology series is the perfect amount of horror and myth that we need to see this upcoming Halloween. As per the details which are available right now, the show is enough to give you nightmares, and thus, watch at your own risk. But well, if you love the genre and are a friend of horror, Urban Legends is just the right show for you.

Resembling the recently released anthology horror series called Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities on Netflix, it will also delve into stories from various parts of the world. The only difference is that it is made by Eli Roth. We know that he is a master of this horror genre, and we can trust the episodes with our hearts to be as nightmarish as possible. Each entry will throw light on the urban legends from various parts of the world in a way that we have never heard of or experienced before.

Obviously, for people who are sensitive and get triggered easily, this is not a show you should experiment with. It is supposed to feature all the creepy creatures emerging from people’s imaginations as well as the various murder mysteries that never get solved. The supernatural element will be strong in the show, and we can expect a top-notch horror game from the same. All the stories shown in the episodes will be disturbing and made with a sense of direction to scare us deeply.

Urban Legend Episode 1 Release Date

A still from Urban Legend – Courtesy of Travel Channel

Urban Legend Episode 1 Release Date

Urban Legend Episode 1 release date is on the 28th of October 2022. It will air at 10 PM Eastern Time on the Travel Channel. The episode is titled The Red Room. New episodes are slated for a weekly release on Fridays.

How To Watch Urban Legend Episode 1

Urban Legend Episode 1 can be watched on The Travel Channel when it airs. The time and date have already been mentioned above. Later, the episodes will be uploaded for streaming on Discovery Plus. The platform costs 4.99 dollars a month. This plan is full of ads, though. In order to avoid these, you can instead buy a higher version at just a 2-dollar leap at 6.99 dollars a month.

Urban Legend Episode 1 Spoilers

Urban Legend Episode 1 is titled The Red Room. In this episode, we will witness the story of a troubled woman. In a quest to earn money, she goes to the dark web in order to live to stream some of the scenes of torture and sometimes even executions on the internet. In exchange for these videos, the anonymous people pay her in cryptocurrencies.

Later in the episode, we will witness a tragedy befalling the woman herself. Her daughter will go missing and is used as a blackmail weapon for the woman. In order to find her, she must do everything in her power and think smarter than the people who abducted her. Well, this is a horror series, and thus, we can expect some healthy amount of blood and revenge genres in the episode as well.

Urban Legend Episode 2 is titled The Bite. In this episode, we will witness Rose coming back home after spending a great holiday at a tropical resort. Soon, she notices that there is a small blemish on her face. Initially, she does not do anything regarding the same, thinking it will just go away. Although, later, it starts developing into something straight out of a nightmare.

This leaves her horrified. Now, the trouble and duty to save his partner from going down a loop are on Ben to take care of her. Turns out that this blemish was caused due to the bite of a spider. Rise is obviously going down a spiral, and Ben has to save her from psychological breakdowns.

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