Mindy Kaling Net Worth & Earnings

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Mindy Kaling Net Worth
Mindy Kaling (CC: ABC News)

What is Mindy Kaling’s net worth? Yes, we are talking about The Office actress who is currently making headlines for receiving the National Medal of Arts. By whom? By the 46th U.S. President, Joe Biden. Congratulations! With this, fans have been wondering how much Mindy has earned from her acting career, which is believed to be the primary source. Before learning, let’s briefly discuss Mindy Kaling’s prominence. 

As we already know, Mindy Kaling is prominent enough to play the role of Kelly Kapoor in the sitcom, The Office. Hailing from Waltham, Massachusetts, Mindy is now 43 years old, as she was born in 1979. When it comes to her acting credits, the hit ones are- The Five-Year Engagement, No Strings Attached, Late Night, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Champions, etc. 

Talking more about her, Mindy’s very recent work, Velma, which is an adult-animated mystery horror series, gained huge success. Didn’t you watch it? If not, then you should! 

Coming back to Mindy Kaling’s monetary earnings, her acting skills and writing credits turn out to be the major source. However, she is also a stand-up comedian. That’s another income source, of course. Well, there are others, too, about which we shall discuss later. If you are looking for what Mindy Kaling’s net worth is, here is what we know.

Mindy Kaling Net Worth
Mindy Kaling: The Office actress (CC: Hola)

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Mindy Kaling Net Worth: Earnings & Wealth Revealed 

Talking about her monetary earnings, Mindy Kaling’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $35 million. You will be surprised to know that The Office actress is reported to be making more than $8.5 million annually. Wait, what? Yes! Mindy Kaling has been making all of her income from her acting and writing career. In other words, her bank account is doing great. 

Concerning her earnings, Mindy Kaling once said, “For years and years, the role of the lead actress on a sitcom was to do two things: look amazing and to make one-third of what my male co-star makes.” She added saying that no man on her show earns more than her. This proved how competitive and ambitious Mindy Kaling is. Well, success doesn’t come into one’s grip so easily. Therefore, Mindy is hardworking too. 

To be more exact about Mindy Kaling’s earnings from The Office, she reportedly made $60,000 per episode. Her contribution to the show was huge. Why? Because she didn’t just act but wrote and served as the executive producer of The Office. Now, what about The Mindy Project? From that, it was more than $2 million. 

Besides her entertainment career, Mindy Kaling’s net worth also gets added up massively from her book deals. Have you read any of her writings? Some are- “Unbelievable Holiday Tales: Scripting a Fantasy of a Family,” Nothing As I Imagined (Except for Sometimes),” etc. Little did you know, Mindy reportedly earned $15 million back in 2016. 

Mindy Kaling Net Worth
Mindy Kaling looks stunning in her silver dress (CC: Instagram)

With Mindy Kaling’s net worth being so huge, it is assumed that $10 million is tied up with her real estate property in Los Angeles. Back in 2007, she bought a bungalow in Los Angeles worth $1.575 million. It covered an area of 2,674-square-foot. But she sold it for $1.995 million. After several years, more precisely in 2016, she bought another house, a larger one of 5,000 square-foot, for $6.5 million. It has an expansive yard with a pool house. 

Last year, Mindy Kaling sold a condo in New York City for $2.75 million. But she reportedly purchased it at a bit higher price. It was $3 million at that time. Also, she owns another house in Malibu. Mindy Kaling is a huge investment when it comes to real estate. 

Best Wishes to Mindy Kaling! Make sure you follow this The Office actress, Mindy, on her Instagram account, for more relatable updates. Well, Mindy’s performance is the outcome of her hard work and dedication and is highly appreciated. We are looking forward to seeing more of her great work! 

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