Underrated Anime You Need To Watch in 2021! – Anime Recommendations – Part 1

Like many movies and games, a lot of anime also go underappreciated. For anime, the only difference is that they are usually underrated not because of bad reviews but because of being overshadowed by other huge anime. The number of new series being churned out now and then is high, so some tend to get sidelined. Here are the underrated anime that you may have missed out on, or maybe some you saw a while back and forgot even existed.

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

Another high school-themed comedy anime. This light-hearted, colorful series is a very refreshing series to watch.

If you have watched a lot of Attack On Titan or Demon Slayer and want to soothe off for a while by watching a more pleasant anime, then this is the one for you.

Here we follow a pink-haired Saiki K, a not so normal school going student. Why not so normal, because he seems to have almost all powers you could think of. He has telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, almost everything; his power is so massive that it could even alter the universe’s flow. To keep that from happening, Sakiki has built a weird-looking contraption that keeps his power balanced; this object can be seen on his head, giving his character an iconic look.

The most important thing Saiki has to do is keep everyone from knowing that he has powers. That isn’t easy with the roster of characters who he has to deal with daily. His mom and dad, especially his dad, get in trouble somehow, and Saiki has to use his powers, his friends are so goofy and just plain dumb, so Saiki has to use powers on them as well.

It’s enjoyable to watch how Saiki deals with these difficult characters, his school life, and sometimes even saving the world, all while keeping his superpowers a secret. The writing is so good you’ll find yourself laughing throughout, oh and there are the occasional 4th wall breaks that you don’t come across in anime that often.

Watch all 3 seasons on Netflix.

Accel World


Accel world anime

This is one anime that has the potential of being one of the greats but somehow slipped from the ranks. It only ran for 1 season, it’s an exciting concept, and the main characters are just splendid.

With only 1 season to go through, this makes for the perfect binge-watch ever.

In this series, we follow Haru, a student at Umesato Junior High School. This is set in the future where Neuro Linker exists, which helps you take your mind into another Virtual World, how the VR games work these days, but this is far more advanced.

Haru gets bullied almost every day, but seeing his skills in Neuro Linker, the most popular girl in school, introduces him to something else, Brain Burst. This is a massive multiplayer fighting game set in this virtual world; when you enter, all of the time slows down everywhere else.

Playing the game provides for goodies in the real world; with this new game, the popular girl and Haru team up to take on every single player and to find out why this game exists in the first place.

The battles and the animations keep this on par with many of the other high ranking anime out there. The story and the concept are very new and addictive; they’re a very fun and immersive watch.


Chihayafuru is such a different anime, different in a sense it doesn’t have any human killing notebooks or man-eating titans; it’s a much more original story that even brings you closer to the land of Japan.

This series sets it apart; it is a very innocent tale of a group of best friends filled with romance, comedy, and drama. It’s such a feel-good anime, do keep some tissues nearby.

The main character is Chihaya Ayase, who, well, kind of used to be overshadowed by her sister her whole life. Then she meets a kid called Arata in school and learns about Karuta, a Japanese card game. From that moment on, she falls in love with the game and vows to be the best player in Japan.

Years later, some events unfold, causing the friend group to be separated, and everyone ends up going their separate ways. Still, in high school, Chihahya decides to bring back everyone’s interest in the sport. From here on, the story picks up as she journeys to become the best while reuniting her childhood friends and balancing friendships.

These are some amazing anime we push you guys to try. All of these are binge-worthy with not many seasons, so Happy Watching!

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