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What Happened To Bobby Fischer? Answered

Bobby Fischer Before And After
Bobby Fischer Before And After Credits: Encyclopedia Britannica

Bobby Fischer, whose real name is Robert James Fischer was an eminent chess player from the US. He was born in the year 1943, and he died in 2008, for anyone who knows about chess and is interested in this game must have heard about Bobby Fischer.

He was an extremely talented chess player. Bobby Fischer was the eleventh winner in the prestigious world chess championship. His performance in chess, Fischer is a celebrated player with a record of being an expert master at chess. Quite a champion in his own right, Bobby Fischer has been touted as one of the most favorite chess players from the land of America.

He was a major part of a media report when a chess match was conducted between the US and the USSR in the 70s. This match was considered in line with the rising political tension between the two countries. This chess match made headlines as it was considered a predominant symbol of the cold war.

Who Was Bobby Fischer?

He was born in 1943 in Chicago, US. He earned the title of grandmaster for his exceptional prodigious excellence at chess. He played many chess matches throughout the course of his career. Bobby Fischer was a grand champion between 1972 and 1975. He was deemed to be a very dedicated and intelligent chess player during his time.

After his massive win in the 70s, Bobby Fischer went on a prolonged break and took some time off chess. In the 90s, Fischer made a comeback with another match. After this, Bobby Fischer decided to immigrate to a different country.

Bobby Fischer chess

Bobby Fischer Credits: Biography

He also made headlines when he participated in a chess match during a UN ban on Yugoslavia. He violated the rules of international law, and this led to his arrest by the US authorities. This incident created a lot of uproar in the world. However, he was offered citizenship by Iceland, which he duly accepted. Bobby Fischer spent his life in Iceland afterward until his demise.

Fischer is an inspiration for any young chess player who wishes to understand the rules of the game and make it big in the world of chess championships. Although he did get into some controversies during the course of his career, his life’s legacy lives in his success as a chess champion.

Bobby Fischer also published his book named My Sixty Memorable Games, which was published in the year 1969. Even though it was published so long ago, this book is popular among chess enthusiasts even today after so many years of its publication.

Apart from all of these achievements, Bobby Fischer has been attributed with the invention of a new kind of chess which is known as Chess960. This game is also known as Fischer Random Chess.

What Happened To Bobby Fischer?

Fischer led a successful life amidst chess boards and praises for his talents. He was just a teen when he became a successful chess player. However, later events in his life led to his downfall. His struggle with mental health is one of the reasons that made his life miserable, even after being a chess champion.

Even though Fischer was such a chess prodigy with an illustrious career, he was known to have displayed objectionable traits and behavioral issues. He had very controversial and downright discriminatory statements about Jews and Semitism. Bobby Fischer suffered from psychological issues, which led to his behavioral issues in public.

Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer Credits: Encyclopedia Britannica

However, we can never deny that even after this, he was a deeply talented chess player with a sharp mind. That is so commendable, and it must be acknowledged.

This is a tragedy for him, and it is deeply paining to understand his journey. Once a mighty champion with an enviable record, he shrunk after his mental instability issues began to rise. This was a major episode that highlighted his life’s struggle.

A legendary man reduced to a maniac, his descent into madness was very difficult to witness by those who knew him and those who had heard of him. That said, he will remain one of the greatest chess players this world has ever had.

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