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Crash Course in Romance Episode 7: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Crash Course in Romance Episode 7 preview
Crash Course in Romance Episode 7 Release Date,

Crash Course in Romance Episode 7’s release date is approaching, and this post contains all the details the followers might want to know about. This new romantic comedy with loads of mystery from the Korean industry has earned its place on fans’ watch lists.

This post will unveil Crash Course in Romance Episode 7’s release date and streaming guide. But a recap of episode 6 is a must, so here it goes. Yeong is startled that her best friend hid the tutoring agreement from her when she discovers the truth. Haeng knows that she will likely be angry for some time but is unsure how to manage this.

She even makes her favorite pancakes, which seems to work since she begins to smile after eating them. “If you betray me once more, we’re breaking up,” Yeong says. Yeong taunts Haeng by inquiring about the belt strap and joking that if Hae hadn’t been home, more might have happened between her and Chi.

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Recap of episode 6 of Crash Course in Romance

Dong, in the meantime, criticizes the large number of people of the coaching class, but as Chi Yeol arrives at the academy, he finds out that there are other problems awaiting him. A post named “The Plague of Choi Chi” on the Skymom site by a different private tutor, Jin Sang has sprung up and has worried Choi Chi Yeol.

Crash Course in Romance Episode 7 preview

A still from the show.

The post harshly criticizes Chi, saying that the Trillion Won guy has ruined families by asking them to pay high fees. Dong Hui urges Chi-Yeol to move on, but it is obvious that Chi Yeol is deeply affected. Jeon Jong and Chi finally cross paths. He brings up Su’s passing and how her mom lost her mind and became even more fixated on her younger brother and could not move forward in life.

As a consequence, she leaped off a building. The police detained Su’s brother Hyeon on suspicion of killing his mother, but he was found not guilty and released. According to the cops, Chi was not near the victim’s location. 

A few flashbacks show us more of Chi’s past. We see that Chi is seen teaching Su. Su is startled to see that the test is a carbon copy of worksheets her mother handed out a few weeks before. She revealed everything about this to the administration because she was afraid, but Chi went on a mission to try to talk about this with the school director.

Crash Course in Romance Episode 7 preview


The director fires Chi thinking he has leaked stolen the tests and put him in an awkward situation. He is informed that Su will fail the test if the incident is made public. Su keeps messaging Chi, and in the final one, she informs him that life is difficult and she is going to “find peace” now.

She expresses gratitude to him for giving her a little breathing room in such a trying situation. Sadly, she passed away. Then we skip to the present times again where we see that Haeng goes to deliver some food. However, Chi is not feeling well and collapses in her arms as she tries to leave.

Cut to the next scene, and we see that the detectives are looking into the shiny ball that was captured on video. The junior detective is much more motivated and thinks there’s something else going on here, despite his supervisor dismissing it as nothing.

Crash Course in Romance Episode 7 preview

Nam haeng.

A woman reports that iron balls have allegedly been used to harm cats in an alleyway. Our detective begins to recognize that this is connected to the incident at the academy, despite his desire to dismiss it as nothing.

Crash Course in Romance Episode 7: Release date

The air date for Crash Course in Romance Episode 7 is February 4, 2023. At 9.10 pm KST, the seventh episode of Crash Course in Romance will debut on TVN in Korea. The seventh episode of Crash Course in Romance will be accessible via the streaming service listed below at 5.40 pm IST, 11.10 pm AEDT, 12.10 pm GMT, and 7.10 am EST.

Crash Course in Romance Episode 7: Where to watch

The International viewers of Crash Course in Romance Episode 7 can watch it live from Netflix, but they must confirm the time with their regional time zone. Korean viewers can watch it live from tvN via TVN.

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