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The Love In Your Eyes Episode 111 Review: Plenty Of Surprising Twists And Turns

the love in your eyes
The Love In Your Eyes Episode 111 (Credits: Bilibili)

Family Drama shows are always full of melodrama, romance, and relationships with each other. There’s consistently something new to see in every episode, with unexpected twists and turns. But it’s amusing to watch them.  

The Love In Your Eyes is a South Korean conventional courtroom television series. It was directed by Go Young Tak and written by Na Seung Hyun. The Love In Your Eyes is an ongoing series airing on KBS1. The first episode was released on the 3rd of October 2022; episode 111 was released on the 8th of March 2023.  

The Love In Your Eyes centers around the story of a single mother who lives with her late husband’s family and diligently works hard for her daughter. She begins working at a new restaurant and starts to develop relationships with the owner. But the proprietor shared an odd history with her late husband. The story is so gripping that it won’t let you wait till the next episode.  

The audience was keenly lounging for episode 111 as it talked about love and relationship. For fans who are following the series since episode 1, it was so emotional to watch old and new characters together on the screen. 

Characters of The Love In Your Eyes 

All the characters in The Love In Your Eyes are interconnected in a specific way throughout the storyline. And their stories are so interesting, and their changing dynamics with one another kept you hooked. It’s engaging to see who will end up with who.  

The Love In Your Eyes

Cast Members of The Love In Your Eyes (Credits: Viki)

Jang Kyung Joon

Baek Sung Hyun played the role of Jang Kyung Joon. He is TS Retails’s eldest grandson who gets granted a new cornea when he loses his vision. At first, he didn’t like Young Yi but later developed feeling for her. However, he came to know about the fact that Young Yi’s late husband was the one who helped him recover his eyesight. 

jang kyung joon

Jang Kyung Joon (Credits: Viu)

Lee Young Yi

Bae Noo Ri played the role of a single mother, Lee Young Yi. She is a charming yet stubborn person who works hard to support her family. She had a sense of justice and did whatever felt right. Young Yi found her second love in the form of Kyung Joon, the owner of the place she was working at. But she had to face several challenges. 

lee young yi

Lee Young Yi (Credits: Viki)

Kim Hae Mi

Choi Yoon Ra played the role of Kim Hae Mi. She completed her studies abroad, and one day she found Kyung Joon and took him to the hospital, which saved his life. Later, she became his girlfriend. When she returned to South Korea, Hae Mi got selected as the chief of TS Retail’s Food Department Team. However, she saw that Young Yi, her late cousin’s wife, was working there as an intern. Hae Mi got envious when she saw Kyung Joon being all happy around Young Yi as he was never like this with her. 

kim hae mi

Kim Hae Mi (Credits:

Jang Se Joon 

Jung Soo Hwan played the role of Jang Se Joon. He had a stressful life because of his mother. Se Joon caused an irreversible accident when he went to meet his uncle in Jeolla Province, and he lived there with this remorse. He found his happiness when he encountered Young Yi at TS Retail while doing an internship, only to find out that she was the wife of the person he killed in an accident. 

jang se joon

Jang Se Joon (Credits: Amazfeed)

The Plot of The Love In Your Eyes

The Love In Your Eyes focused on a widowed single mother, Young Yi, with a strong mindset and was a workaholic. She put a lot of effort into her work to provide for her daughter as well as the family of her late husband. A 30-year-old woman desired to go from a part-time at a convenience store to a full-time position at the main office. Young Yi was determined to get that job. 

When she got selected as an intern at TS Retail, she developed feelings for the grandson of that company, Kyung Joon, with whom she had also worked at a convenience store and later at the head office. 

Kyung Joon, on the other hand, was a person who rarely displayed emotion, but he was a different person when he was with Young Yi. At first, he didn’t like her, but after spending some time with her, he started liking her. 

However, they both were unaware that Kyung Joon was the one who received the new cornea from the deceased Young Yi’s husband, which gave him his vision back and also saved his life. 

The Love In Your Eyes revealed how their love story was fraught with complications and problems and that their family was full of untold tales. 

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 111 Review 

We saw in episode 110 that Young Yi left the house with her daughter and broke all her links with her in-laws because they accused her of giving Se Joon a chance by not filing a report against him for killing Do Jin, Young Yi’s late husband, in an accident. Furthermore, Yoon Hee arrived to intercept Se Joon as he was about to surrender himself for causing and killing Do Jin in a mishap. 

Episode two answered all the questions the audience was waiting for the most. It also showed the changed dynamics between the characters in the series.

The episode opened with Kyung Joon disclosing how he went blind and also what was the sole reason behind his transplantation. The viewers were shocked but not surprised. 

Yi Jae, Kyung Joon’s father, expelled Yoon Hee upon hearing the reason because of what she had done to his son and the length of time Kyung Joon lived his life in darkness. Even Yoon Hee’s own son, Se Joon, was ashamed of what she did merely to protect him and also bid farewell to her. 

Meanwhile, Kyung Joon discovered that Young Yi, along with her daughter, had moved out of the house after what happened between her and her in-laws. Following his departure from the house, Se Joon decided to exact payback on himself for his actions. 

This episode defined the principal subjects of relationships, love, and sacrifices. Moreover, how one individual is willing to take any danger and do everything; it takes to defend their loved ones. While also inflicting agony on someone else. It was a very well-written story. 

All the actors portrayed their parts well in the series. They appeared entirely natural and depicted emotions efficiently. You couldn’t help but ship the lead couple together because they had such incredible chemistry.

A greater understanding of the scene was made possible by the background music, which was the ideal choice for capturing the actors’ complex range of feelings.  

In addition, the series gave you a glimpse into what it’s like to be a young adult living in a traditional family and dealing with all of those issues, especially if you are a widow and have found second love with still living with your late husband’s family. It also reflects how every member of a family has distinct points of view or opinions towards something. Life is not easy as it appears to be. 

I will give 4.1 out of 5 to The Love In Your Eyes Episode 111. There are more exciting twists awaiting. So, don’t miss out on watching all the episodes.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4.1/5).

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