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What To Expect From Love Scene Number Episode 9?

"Love Scene Number" Episode 9 Plot, Cast, Release Date And All You Need To Know
"Love Scene Number" Episode 9 is coming out soon and here's all you need to know about it.

“Love Scene Number”, the South Korean omnibus TV series that started early in February will soon be releasing its 9th episode. Developed by MBC, the series made its debut on 1st February 2021. Hong Kyung-sil is its writer whereas Kim Hyung-min has directed the series. The viewers loved the show at its premiere and hence, the series slowly built a huge and loyal fanbase for itself. As a result, now everyone is eagerly waiting for its next i.e. the 9th episode. So, without making you wait for more, let us dive further into the article to know more about the series.

“Love Scene Number” is an omnibus TV series i.e. based on the genre of romance. It is more popularly known as “Reobeussinneombeo”. MBC had planned the series a long time ago and Wavve invested in it later on. The series talks about the love interest of four women of completely different age groups. They are aged between 23 and 42. This story caught the interest of every viewer (especially women). The complete musical score of the series was composed by Chung Joong-han and Brandon Jung helped in co-arranging it. MBC TV aired only two of the love scenes whereas all the scenes were released on Wavve during the series’ press conference. Anyhow, now let us have a look at the cast of the show. The production team took some really wonderful, young, and experienced actors for the omnibus series.

"Love Scene Number" Episode 9 Plot, Cast, Release Date And All You Need To Know

A still from Part 1 Episode 1 of “Love Scene Number”.


Main Cast:

Kim Bo-ra as Nam Doo-ah:  Kim Bo-ra is a South Korean actress who people started knowing after she played the role of Kim Hye-na in Sky Castle. However, she has done some really good TV series and movies apart from that too. Some of her famous works include “SF8Goodbye”, “Summer”, “Night Song”, and “Who Are You: School 2015”.

Shim Eun-woo as Lee Ha-ram: Shim Eun-woo is also a South-Korean actress. She has done a few TV series and movies only but is quite famous in the K-drama industry. Some of her works include “60 Days of Summer”, “The World of the Married”, and “Less Than Evil”.

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Ryu Hwa-young as Yoon Ban-ya: Ryu Hwa-young is a South Korean singer and actress. She was a member of the South Korean girl group T-ara. She has been a part of the movies and series like “Hello, My Twenties!”, “Mad Dog”, and “Love Forecast”.

Park Jin-hee as Jung Chung-kyung: Park Jin-hee is a veteran South Korean actress. People know her very well for playing lead characters in many TV series. Some of her works include “Giant”, “War of Money”, “Please Come Back”, and “Shadows in the Palace”.

"Love Scene Number" Episode 9 Plot, Cast, Release Date And All You Need To Know

A picture of the entire main cast of the omnibus series “Love Scene Number” at a promotional event.

Supporting Cast

Han Joon-woo as Park Jung-seok: Han Joon-woo is a South Korean model and actor who is well known for playing the character of Kim Sang-shik in the series “My Unfamiliar Family”. Some of his other famous works are “Be Melodramatic”, “Into the Ring”, and “1987: When the Day Comes”.

Yoon Yoo-sun as Noh Sun-hwa: Yoon Yoo-sun is a really famous South Korean actress. After beginning her career as a child actress, she did some quite popular roles in K-drama. Some of the series in which she has worked are “Good Doctor”, “Save Me”, and “Rich Family’s Son”.

Kim Da-hyun as George: Kim Da-hyun is a South Korean singer and actor. He was a part of the rock band ‘Yada’ (lead vocalist). After its disbandment, he did many TV series and movies. Some of his works include “Pots of Gold”, “12 Signs of Love”, and “Cunning Single Lady”.

Kim Seung-soo as Hyun Sung-moon: Kim Seung-soo is a quite experienced and popular South Korean actor. He is well known for doing TV series and movies like “Are You Human?”, “Family Secret”, “My Heart”, and “A Single Spark”.

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Ji Seung-hyun as Woo Woon-bum: Ji Seung-hyun is also a South Korean actor. He is quite popular for doing movies and series like “The Good Detective”, “Svaha: The Sixth Finger”, and “Hello, Me!”.

"Love Scene Number" Episode 9 Plot, Cast, Release Date And All You Need To Know

A still from Part 2 Episode 4 of the series “Love Scene Number”.

Love Scene Number Episode 9 Release Date

The timeline for Love Scene Number Episode 9 release is not known yet. The series was planned as an omnibus TV show and only 4 parts consisting of 2 episodes were planned out. Consequently, we can consider that it was only the 1 season of “Love Scene Number”. As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding another season or a new part or episode. Therefore, the future of the show is quite unclear. Anyhow, you can watch the 4 parts i.e. the 8 episodes till then on Wavve. Until then, let us know how much you liked the 1st season and whether you want another season of this omnibus romance drama.