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Anime Like Monster That You Should Watch

Anime Like Monster

Monster can be considered as an animated series that has included a variety of genres such as psychology as well as mystery and thrill. The show mainly focuses on a doctor who is tormented by a life choice that he has made to save the life of a boy instead of the mayor of the town. This boy comes out as the villain of the show, that is, Johan Liebert. He would become a criminal mastermind. Some of the fans of Monster are even set on arguing that Liebert is even capable of out-smarting Professor X, the most beloved character in Marvel.

Monster has been created by Naoki Urasawa. Monster is something of a well-loved classic anime that has employed a variety of iconic characters and is based on a rich plot. Many critics even say that this show has proven to be one of the best murder mystery anime shows available in the genre. Well, if you wish to see the likes of Monster in other anime shows, here we have to wrap up some of the content that you all can try.

Death Note

This anime show, Death Note, is all about a Shinigami whose name is Ryuk. He leaves a murderous notebook in the human world that gets itself discovered by a boy whose name is Light Yagami. After he receives all the instructions from Ryuk, this lad decides to use the notebook to kill off the dome of the bad people who commit crimes in Japan and make the country a happy place. He does that under another name, that is, Kira. The policy does not love the actions of Light Yagami, and thus, they employ help from a detective named L Lawliet.

His goal in this show is to end the tirade of Kira. Just like we have witnessed in Monster, even Death Note has a protagonist who trusts that their actions are correct and what they are doing is best for humanity. Both of these anime shows are also mainstays in the psychological as well as thriller genre. Many people on MyAnimeList argue that Death Note is the best detective anime available out there.

Gankutsuo: The Conte of Monte Cristo

This anime show, Gankutsuo: The Conte of Monte Cristo, throws the entire spotlight on two French aristocrats whose name is Viscount Albert D. Morcerf, as well as Baron Franz d’Epinay. They both are attending a festival while also looking for something in order to appease themselves. All this while, we also witness Albert come across a nobleman whom he befriends. This man is The Count of Monte Cristo. He is secretly trying to get revenge against all the people who have exploited him.

Thus, we witness that the anime show follows these men and highlights all the negatives of taking revenge. This is a show which is surely going to keep all of its viewers guessing on what is going to happen next and also has a narrative that is driven by the characters. This anime is also known for being the best anime drama to air during the early 2000s, as per the reports of IMDb.


This anime show is about a girl whose name is Akane Tsunemori. Her only wish is to take justice from in Japan based on the merits that come from her Sibyl System of the nation. She can also detect the threat levels of all the citizens by taking account of their minds for unlawful plans. However, Akane is going to question all her morals when she comes across the truth of the corrupt system of her nation. Just like we have seen in Monster, Psycho-Pass too has genres that check mystery as well as thrill and psychology. Both anime follows investigators who are trying to catch a mysterious murderer who acts from afar. Psycho-Pass also goes on to feature some of the realistically grounded characters and is going to leave all the viewers questioning their morals.

Paranoia Agent

This anime series, Paranoia Agent, is all about Shounen Bat. This weird assailant is set on continuously attacking the people living in his area with the help of a bat. All this while, there are two investigators who are given the task of stopping him; they must all hurry before everyone at that place gives away to anxiety at the hands of a cruel attacker. The drama that is featured in Paranoia Agent concerns humanity and their mindset towards identity as well as human nature along with law enforcement. Paranoia Agent is a must-watch series for all the fans who love watching detective anime.


Terror in Resonance

This anime show, that is, Terror in Resonance, is about a terrorist group which is run by two boys whose name is Nine as well as Twelve. They have not only ruined the whole nuclear facility in Japan but also are planning to cause more destruction and chaos in Tokyo. Later in the scenes, we witness that these boys have uploaded a mysterious video on the internet regarding their plans and how heinous they are, the police, along with detective Kenjirou Shibazaki are deciding to take on the action.

This is why the show follows a battle between these two forces. Just like we have seen in Monster, Terror in Resonance is a thriller anime show with a variety of complex characters as well as a plotline that involves child experimentation to some degree. This anime show also makes sure to keep all the viewers at bay with each episode, as well as the stellar storyline that it has.


This anime show is about a man whose name is Guts. He is quite desperate for battles and is taken in by a mercenary leader whose name is Griffith. It is all because of the dedication that he has for the sport. Later in the scenes, Guts become a potential ally to the army of Griffith. Soon, he acknowledges the fact that soon the evil ways of his leader are going to lead to nothing but pain as well as sorrow for him. This anime show tackles all sorts of human complexities while also employing an alluring as well as the charismatic and manipulative antagonist who is ready to do anything it takes to reach their goals. Although, Berserk can get even more intense about all the violence that is employed in the show. It also captures some of the same dark atmospheres that a person can attain from watching Monster.

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