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What To Expect From Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 2?

What To Expect From Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 2?

From Jamie and Callie’s breakup to Marianna splitting up with Raj and Mallika in her own crisis. The premiere of Good Trouble Season 3 sets up a lot of stories for the rest of the season. Created by Joanne Johnson, Bradley Bredeweg, and Peter Paige, Good Trouble is an American Drama that serves as a spin-off for the Freeform show The Fosters. So far, the series has completed its two successful seasons. Last week it returned with a third consecutive season continuing where it left off. Good Trouble has been applauded for bringing a good comedy touch to trials and tribulations faced by Gen Z.

Good Trouble follows a story set in few years after The Fosters. It tells the tale of Adams Foster siblings Callie and Mariana. Both of them leave for Los Angeles to pursue their future life. While Callie becomes a law clerk, Mariana thrives as a software engineer. They both explore their new young adult life interacting with their colleagues and neighbors. The third season had quite a premiere leaving a few heartbreaks setting up for the show. Here we are taking a look at everything happening in the first episode of Good Trouble Season 3 while also breaking down what we can expect from the upcoming episode.

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Recap: Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 1

Let’s take a look at Callie first and everything that went down with her. So,  yes Jamie and Callie have officially broken up. Why? The episode teases that we have to wait further for episodes. The episode didn’t really showcase what Callie did which led to Jamie losing his job and officially breaking up with her. But yes, he will be still around his part is not finished yet. Also, Callie while chasing her dream to work at ACLU ended up doing a clerkship. But she is not interested in that part and wants to go for Judiciary and ends up with a job at Legal Aid. At the same place, she also finds a new mentor for her in the form of Constance Zimmer’s character.

What To Expect From Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 2?

With Mariana, things have got a little confusing lately. She was all thinking about the night she spent with Evan. On the other side, Raj texts Maraina and they make-up with each other. But they can’t deny the fact that both Mariana and Raj have feelings for someone else. The last season summed up that Raj started developing some spark towards Mariana’s roommate Isabella. In the end, Mariana takes the cue and confesses to Raj that they have to accept the fact that they have feelings for someone else. This left the couple splitting up the only path.

Mallika on the other hand is having a big case in her hand. Instead of telling Issac about it, she convinces him that it is nothing to worry about. Issac worries about DA and his relationship with the Black Lives Matter movement. Mallika is quite relaxing after the support from BLM until everything turns upside down. The case turns upside down when she is found playing flirtily with Dyonte leading to charges dropping from him. Mallika on the other hand gets cornered for an eventual arrest. On Davia and Dennis’s side, after lengthy distancing and rethinking the couple finally makes up. For them, it ends with a proposal and a kiss settling everything from the past.

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Preview: What To Expect From Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 2?

The second episode of Good Trouble Season 3, titled, “Arraignment Day” will be releasing on February 24, 2021. The official synopsis of the episode states that Callie will be getting some big news. Whether about her job or Jamie remains to be seen. On the other hand, Mallika’s app starts popularizing in teh wrong crowd leading Coterie members to join BLM. Now, they are all standing up against her altogether.

What To Expect From Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 2?

The official promo from Freeform gives us a glimpse into Callie’s first day on her new job at Legal Aid. Everything doesn’t seem to be going well for Callie as we can see her struggling in the promo below. On the other side, Mariana’s app is being used by some wrong hands. We can clearly see in the promo that white supremacists have started using Mariana’s app to spread hate among people. This results in Mariana planning to shut the app down while Black people start standing up against her. Check out the promo below.

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