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Vision Quest A WandaVision Spinoff: Journey Of White Vision After WandaVision

Vision Quest
Vision Quest

You probably saw the news recently that Marvel was doing another WandaVision sequel series for white Vision. This makes the second one. Two spin-offs for WandaVision. That’s how popular it was. We also found out when Scarlet Witch is coming back and another big announcement for another series Marvel’s Wonder Man, which has a lot of Easter eggs for White Vision in the comics.

Now, if you don’t know who White Vision is, then let me give you his quick WandaVision recap. So after Vision was destroyed in Avengers Infinity War, an organization called SWORD started to rebuild his body. But since this Vision didn’t have the Mind Stone that the original Vision had, this Vision was emotionless. At the end of the WandaVision series, Vision and White Vision squared off, with White Vision flying off at the end. And now Vision Quest will show the journey of White Vision.

Marvel’s Vision Quest

But the big news this week was that Marvel finally revealed what’s actually happening with White Vision in the MCU after the WandaVision ending. There are so many theories like he’s an Iron Man-based character because he comes from Jarvis, Iron Man’s AI, so a lot of people wondered if he’d show up during Armor Wars.

Vision Quest

Marvel’s Vision Quest

That’s still possible because they just turned that into a movie like. Armor Wars used to be a TV series. Now it’s going to be a movie because they have much bigger ambitions for it. But White Vision kind of just flew off at the end of WandaVision, never to be heard from again until the next big Marvel project, and Marvel just kind of waited to announce what’s actually going to happen.

So if you remember in the finale it was revealed that Tyler Hayward had been gaslighting Scarlet Witch that whole time in an attempt to get her to reactivate vision’s dead body with her chaos magic because they couldn’t do it using traditional means. SWORD had taken Vision’s body after Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame and tried to reactivate him using traditional mechanical means. Because he was worth billions and billions of dollars because of all the vibranium and technology in his body.

White Vision From The Comics

The big X-Factor though to make another Marvel reference was the Mind Stone in his forehead just because it was so important in creating his more humanoid personality. Like Vision was meant to be the baby of Jarvis and Ultron combined with a ton of vibranium and the Mind Stone. It was very critical peace in Avengers Infinity war that they talked about like “how can we remove this without completely destroying him”. It was a big Shuri storyline, and people still wondering about that what did Shuri do to Vision, and whether was it going to work if Thanos hadn’t just ripped it right out of his forehead.

The storyline they adapted for White Vision on Wanda Vision was basically taken right out of the comics. In fact, right now they’re just calling the WandaVision sequel series for White Vision right now, Vision Quest. Because that’s literally the name of the comic book story that white Vision comes from. And it’s basically what you saw happen during the course of WandaVision, they explained with his backstory.

White Vision From The Comics

White Vision From The Comics

Vision gets destroyed then put back together Humpty Dumpty style. But when they bring him back they didn’t have Wonder man’s brain patterns like they did the first time to give him his personality so he came back as this very cold unfeeling robot. This is where we have to some Wonder Man Easter eggs because obviously, they changed a little bit for the MCU backstory they used the Mind Stone to give him the personality instead of Wonder Man’s brain patterns like they did in the comics.

White Vision vs Original Vision

Wonder Man is a Marvel character they are developing a series 4 right now, they just had a big announcement, I’ll explain in a second. But his real name in the MCU is Simon Williams. His day job is basically being an actor in Hollywood like he’s an LA-based Marvel character kind of like She-Hulk.

When they created Vision they used his brain patterns to basically give him his humanoid personality so that he’s the Vision that you think of when you think of Vision from the comics. When they put him back together during The Vision Quest storyline, he comes back as this cold, unfeeling robot kind of like White Vision does in the series. Like minus the Mind Stone, he has no personality, he’s basically more like a robot than he was before.

So the MCU Vision Quest series will mostly be about him dealing with all of Vision’s original memories that hex Vision unlocked during their final fight. Which really wasn’t that much of a fight it was more of like a Shakespearean argument, like a gentlemanly disagreement that they had between the two of them, like two nuclear bombs arguing with each other. Which is a very Vision thing to do, you remember all the ship of Theseus memes.

Vision Quest

White Vision vs Original Vision

After hex Vision had finished unlocking all those memories inside white Vision because white Vision basically is the original Vision, just minus the Mind Stone, he flew off into the distance to just process everything. And the whole idea is that he’s going to be slowly remembering who he is and what his life was like before.
Scarlet Witch Returns

As a part of that, Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch is supposed to come back. They didn’t say how she was going to come back. I think it’ll be a combination of different ways like all the different ways you could bring an actor back, like they have flashback scenes of her as he’s remembering things with her, then you have her actually coming back like the Scarlet Witch that we saw at the end of Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness. She didn’t die if that wasn’t clear. We knew she’d come back, the whole idea with Scarlet Witch is that she basically pulled down the dark hole Temple.

The big flare-up of chaos magic there when the rock crumbled in on itself was basically a small protective bubble forming around her. Like it was her own unconscious sense of self-preservation that just automatically protected her from all that damage. So at least until they bring her back, she’s kind of like in this hibernation State. Sort of like this weird limbo state. She was always going to come back for either Avengers 5 King Dynasty, but definitely Avengers six Secret Wars. It might not be till Secret Wars, but she could always come back for Avengers 5 as well.

Billy And Tommy Returns

I know a lot of people also asking if Billy and Tommy are going to come back too. Because they were little kids when the series ended and a couple of years go by they’re going to be way bigger. My assumption is they’d invoke them in some way but I’m not expecting a ton of scenes with them. They’ll also be using them in whatever Young Avengers series or movies they wind up doing with that team of characters that they’re slowly putting together.

But I think they’re waiting on Young Avengers till maybe after Secret Wars just to give the kids more time to age up so that they can actually play Teenagers. Most of the other Young Avengers characters we’ve seen so far, that they’re slowly introducing, are much much older. And it’s much easier for them to roll into Young Avengers. So I think they’re just kind of waiting a little bit for some of the actors to age up.

MCU Wonder Man

MCU Wonder Man

MCU Wonder Man

The funny connection to Wonder Man in the MCU though, because obviously, they’ve changed some of the backstories of Wonder Man, is that Marvel just announced that Yahya Abdul Mateen, the person who plays Black Manta in the Aquaman movies, the person who played Dr. Manhattan, also DC Comics so also another comic book character, is going to be their Wonder Man which is actually a big surprise going from DC to Marvel. I guess that doesn’t imply good things for Black Manta inside the DC Universe. Everyone presses F to pay respects to Black Manta.

What they’re doing with the Wonder Man character in the MCU though is they’re going with more of his actor storylines. So the whole idea is that Simon Williams’s day job is as an actor, and they have a lot of these fake Universe Marvel parody movies like the ones that you saw in Spider-Man Far From Home.

In Universe Movies

James Gunn also had a version of this like he did a version of Simon Williams Wonder Man in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. But it kind of wound up being a deleted scene like Nathan Fillion played a version of Wonder Man for him as Simon Williams with all these fake Marvel movies. Like he played a version of Tony Stark, he was in a bunch of other movies.

And Marvel has Loki season 2 coming up. I’ve already done a full Loki season 2 trailer Breakdown. But part of the Loki Season 2 episodes take place in the 1970s, and during that particular episode, they have a bunch of fake in-universe movies mixed with real movies from the 1970s, including Kingo’s first movie. They even did a little bit of that during Moon Knight, with Moon Knight’s backstory like there was this fake in Universe movie that helped Inspire one of his personalities.

So Marvel’s just rolling with that idea and just developing their version of Hollywood inside the MCU where a lot of these movies get made. The showrunner of Wonder Man is also Daniel Cretton the person who did the Shang Chi movie, he’s also the person who’s directing Avengers 5 Kang Dynasty. So you have the person who’s doing Avengers 5 also doing Wonder Man. It sounds like Wonder Man is going to be a pretty big character.

White Vision > Main Vision

I’m not expecting a ton of crossover between MCU Wonder Man in the White Vision series, though. They’re much more connected in the comic, so it’s more of an Easter egg kind of thing. Eventually, the idea, though is that White Vision will become more like the original Vision without just completely resetting everything to what it used to be he is kind of a different character now even though he has all of his original Memories Back.

Vision Quest

White Vision greater than Main Vision

The whole idea is that as he’s processing all of his memories all that is put together in his new parts based basically that form his body. It will result in him being a completely new person. So his relationship with Scarlet Witch when she comes back will also be a little bit different.

This is her Vision but kind of not her vision at the same time. So I don’t know if they’re going to continue to have a romantic relationship when she also comes back too. That’s one of the reasons why you didn’t see Vision during Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness. The way that Elizabeth Olsen explained it, though like this was her own sort of in-universe explainer. This wasn’t something that Sam Rami told to her, this was just something she came up with on the spot.

When our Scarlet Witch went to the other Universe to steal her children from the other version of Scarlet Witch, the reason why there was no Vision in their West View house is that for some reason that version of Vision and that version of Scarlet Witch had broken up. Like the 838 universe version of Vision was not talking to this version of Scarlet Witch anymore, they weren’t together as a couple. There were also a lot of memes about that at the end of WandaVision as well “naw, me and Wanda we don’t talk no more”.

Why Wanda Wasn’t Looking For Vision

The other big question a lot of people had going into Doctor Strange 2 was why Scarlet Witch wasn’t looking for Vision as well. We knew White Vision was out there and had all of Vision’s original memories, why didn’t she care about him? The real answer is that Marvel was developing the spin-off Series where he processes his memories, and they wanted to focus the story more on her finding her children.

The in-universe story-based reason for her not looking for white Vision I think is her emotionally moving on from Vision himself. Like her vision died, so she knew that White Vision was not her Vision which is why she wasn’t rushing to go grab and bring him back. So it implies in the future, when they’re all back together on screen at the same time, they’ll just be cordial to each other like they’ll be friends, but it’s not like they’re going to move in together or anything like that.

Werewolf By Night Halloween Special

Werewolf By Night Halloween Special

Marvel Special Presentation

There’s been a bunch of other news about other big Marvel series they’re working on right now, obviously in the next year or so, as more of these series come out, we’ll start to hear more and more about other stuff they’re developing. And also, the other new big change that Marvel has made is that not everything that isn’t getting a movie is automatically becoming a Disney plus series.

Now because the Werewolf By Night Halloween Special was so successful. The special presentation one-off is a much bigger thing with thin marble so for instance Silver Surfer, they’re saying now might be a special presentation like a one-off that they released right before the events of the new Fantastic Four movie.

So it’s just another opportunity for them to do really cool one-off projects for characters that don’t really have a story that’s worth six to eight episodes and aren’t necessarily commercial or like big enough to Warrant a giant 200 million-dollar movie. But because Black Panther Wakanda Forever is coming out really soon, there’ll be a bunch of news about what’s happening with the future of the Black Panther characters.

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