Fascinating Meliodas Facts That You Should Know – Seven Deadly Sins

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Meliodas facts
Facts about Meliodas

Meliodas is the Sin of Wrath from Nanatsu No Taizai. Here, we have brought you some facts about Meliodas!! He has a Dragon symbol on his left shoulder that indicates his sin, called in whole as the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath. Seven Deadly Sins is written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki, and the manga was adapted into a series in 2014. Nanatsu No Taizai has five seasons, and all are available on Netflix all around the world. It is loved by the audience, and it has an engaging and fun plot. The fantasy element and action are magnificent!

Meliodas and his fellow knights, later known as Seven Deadly Sins, were accused of treason. Ten years later, the Holy Knights staged a coup d’état and henceforth became the new, tyrannical Kingdom of Liones rulers, which is why Elizabeth, the 107th incarnation of goddess Elizabeth sought the Seven Deadly Sins’ help. She’s the youngest princess of the Liones Kingdom, who successfully finds The Seven Deadly Sins and helps them clear their name as the Holy Knights are on the verge of releasing a deadly demon race from the prison.

22. Meliodas’s Voice Actor has played Shoto Todoroki and Eren Yeager!

The voice actor of Meliodas is Kaji Yuki, who is also the voice actor of Shoto Todoroki, one of the favorite boys in our anime fandom!! He has also voiced Eren Yeager, from Attack on Titan, Kenma, from Haikyuu!!, Issei Hyoudo from High School DxD, Shuu Ouma from Guilty Crown, and Arata from Psycho-Pass.

21. The sword he wields is ‘The Demon Sword’

His Sacred Sword is called Lostvayne, and his power is called Full Counter. He was the head of the Ten Commandments. Meliodas was also known as Meliodas, the love. He was regarded as the one most likely to become the next Demon King for his strength and ruthlessness. His reputation led to him being deeply feared by the enemies of the Demon Clan. He stood as the Demon King’s favorite son as well as true and worthy heir, renowned as the most terrifying demon in all existence. His power was second only to the Demon King himself. The sword might look broken or even fake, but the truth is that it’s capable of doing wonders!!

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Meliodas facts

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20. He has watched Elizabeth die 106 times

Meliodas, the love used to be one of ten commandments of the Demon King, but soon he rebelled because he wasn’t fond of the demon king’s ways, and hence he was punished and cursed to be immortal, so he could see the love of his life, get reborn and die again and yet, again for a total of 106 times.

Meliodas facts
Meliodas with Hawk

19. Meliodas is the Head of Ten Commandments

Meliodas is the previous head of the Ten Commandments. He used to be the captain of the ten commandments, but then he changed sides and betrayed them. He was involved in their defeat in the Holy War 3000 years ago.

18. Meliodas betrayed the Ten Commandments

Meliodas chose Goddess Elizabeth over his clan. He abandoned his title as leader of the Ten Commandments as well as his Commandment, officially betraying them in the process.

Action Anime
Seven Deadly Sins

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17. Meliodas has a younger brother Zeldris, who abandoned him

Zeldris was Meliodas’s brother who fell in his love with a vampire woman and rejected Meliodas’s offer to flee from Demon Realm. He no longer considered him his brother, and this was something he would later come to regret in the series. Zeldris is the younger son of the Demon King, after the firstborn Meliodas. He’s also one of the antagonists of The Seven Deadly Sins. After Meliodas left, he served as the new leader of the Demon clan’s elite force, also known as the Ten Commandments. Meliodas felt guilty that he failed Zeldris as an older brother.

16. The Supreme Deity and Demon King collaborated to curse Meliodas and Goddess Elizabeth

During the last days of the Holy war, the Demon King and the Supreme Deity couldn’t tolerate the defiance of their children, Meliodas and goddess Elizabeth. They put their rivalry aside and worked together to punish Meliodas and Elizabeth for their bold show of resisting authority. Demon King effortlessly killed him along with Elizabeth. Alas! Their punishment was way worse than death.

The Supreme Deity cursed Meliodas with Immortality, and The Demon King cursed Elizabeth with Reincarnation loops, which enabled her to live a normal human life. She’d keep on in reuniting with Meliodas and die right when she remembered her old memories.

15. He saw Elizabeth, the love of his life die again and again for 3000 years

Meliodas kept meeting with her and falling in love with Elizabeth’s reincarnations.  Meliodas saw each of Elizabeth’s iterations die before his eyes because he was immortal. One of them was just a child who died in a house fire after getting her memories back. The other was a young lady who died of old age, without ever remembering anything about the past/Meliodas, and passed on peacefully.

Action Anime
Nanatsu no Taizai

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14. Meliodas was in love with Liz

In Danafor, Meliodas met a girl called Liz, who was a reincarnation of Elizabeth. She was sentenced to death, so Meliodas set her free and offered to fight on her behalf too. Later, he took her to his house. They lived together. Later, Liz grew closer to Meliodas, and they became lovers. She perceived him as her soulmate, and they were head over heels in love with each other.

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13. Meliodas was the leader of the Holy Knights of Danafor

Meliodas was the leader of the Holy Knights of Danafor. Back then, he was dating Liz. He was well respected in the country, and Lil Gilthunder also used to learn sword skills from him.

12. Meliodas destroyed Danafor

Fraudrin murdered Liz right in front of Meliodas, which made him berserk with anger! Meliodas felt guilty and couldn’t tolerate the pain of seeing his lover die again. Liz affirmed to him that they would meet again because they were destined to do so. After Liz died, his power went out of control, and this explosion wiped off Danafor and injured Fraudrin, almost to the point that he died.

Meliodas facts
Meliodas in demon form

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11. Diane had feelings for Meliodas

She had feelings for Meliodas because he helped her in their first meeting. But eons before that, she met Harlequinn and grew attached to him, and likewise, he did too. Gowther used his power to learn about living people’s minds, and therefore he injected the lost world to Diane, due to which she forgot everything before the start of the series. After regaining the memories, she now remembers about King (Harlequin) and realizes that the one she loved was King. Therefore, they reciprocated their love, and she treated Meliodas as a good friend in the future.

10. Meliodas loves Elizabeth, yet he’s a pervert

Often, he takes advantage of Elizabeth’s naivety and gropes her breasts or even her butt. Meliodas isn’t sorry for it as well, and he used to do that to Liz as well, often resulting in her getting angry with him.

9. Meliodas wants to protect Elizabeth from the curse

After Elizabeth’s curse was reactivated, Meliodas became dead set than ever to break her curse. He wanted to protect and save her. He even went on to go as far as to unleash his full demonic powers and later become Demon King to achieve it. Meliodas, in his Assault Mode, retained affection and attachment to Elizabeth. He went out of his way to say that Elizabeth belongs to him alone. Later, he patiently tried to make her understand that becoming Demon King is the only way to save her.

Meliodas grew cynical that the reason why Elizabeth said that she loved him was just because of the curse of the Supreme Deity. He grew blunt towards her, as shown when he coldly told her he felt nothing when she hugged him. He also said that the only thing left for him was his promise to her though he said it in his demon form.

8. Meliodas treasures his friendship with Ban and Diane

Meliodas, Ban, and Diane are members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Although Diane is a giant, Meliodas still treats her as an ordinary girl, a trustful friend, and an enthusiastic member of the Seven Deadly Sins. Meliodas enjoys teasing her. After Diane regained her memories and realized that she was in love with King, she continued to care a lot for Meliodas. But now Diane just sees him as a close friend. She often ships Meliodas and Elizabeth.

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Meliodas is friendly with Ban. They are very competitive against one another and enjoy challenging each other at arm wrestling. They are close friends who support each other.

Action Anime
Meliodas, Elizabeth, Zeldris and his lover

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7. King threatens to kill Meliodas

King trusted in Meliodas as a friend and as well as a captain. Meliodas said that King was like a mascot of the Deadly Sins. However, after he finds out that Meliodas is a former member of the Demon Clan, problems arise! Later he found out Meliodas was related to the Ten Commandments, and that’s when King started to doubt Meliodas. King’s doubts were justified because Meliodas didn’t want to tell him about his past. Instead, Meliodas questioned his title as King of the Fairies, which angered King enough to attack and try to kill Meliodas with his Disaster ability.

Later, King decided to be on Meliodas’ side just because Diane and Ban trusted him. But he threatened to kill him if Meliodas decided to betray them. Soon, King heard about Meliodas and Elizabeth’s curse. Now, King seemed to understand Meliodas and trust him once again, little by little.

6. Meliodas taught Gilthunder how to fight

Meliodas and Gilthunder shared a friendly mentor-mentee relationship in the past. He taught Little Gilthunder a form of swordsmanship called The Way of the Knight. He also called him Little Gil in the past. Despite being on opposite sides, Meliodas held no grudge against Gilthunder as a Holy Knight. He still saw him as little Gil. In the end, Gilthunder and Meliodas return to their old friendly mentor-mentee relationship.

Meliodas facts
Nanatsu no Taizai

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5. Meliodas cooks horribly except for Meat pies!

The customers often came and ordered food, but after eating the food cooked by Meliodas, they often puked, and Hawk was left to eat the leftovers.

4. Meliodas loves to tease Hawk

Meliodas told Hawk that he’d make a pork pie out of it if it didn’t listen to Meliodas. Hawk is usually responsible for the leftovers because of Meliodas’s terrible cooking, which somehow Hawk doesn’t mind eating. Hawk’s mom carries the tavern ‘Boar Hat’ on her back using magic. Meliodas usually buys wine and beer and serves them despite the fact everyone thinks he’s just a kid.

3. Meliodas’s signature action move is “Full Counter”

This signature ability allows Meliodas to reflect the magic attacks back at the enemy with intensified energy. Meliodas doesn’t like violence and still feels guilty over the fate of Danafor. He is soft and merciful at heart and prefers forgiveness over death.

Meliodas facts
Meliodas as a Holy Knight

2. Meliodas gets married to Elizabeth

In the final scene of Seven Deadly Sins, Elizabeth and Meliodas get married, and it was the happy ending the whole fandom wanted. Their relationship, which was almost impossible, was finally validated. The Demon King cursed Elizabeth to reincarnate as a human without any memories of her past life. Meliodas was always with her and had the curse to experience all her deaths because the Supreme Deity cursed him to become immortal.

Elizabeth Liones is the 107th incarnation of Elizabeth, who came to seek Seven Deadly Sin’s help. When the Holy War was being fought, Meliodas found a way to break both curses and broke free of them.

Action Anime
Tristan, son of Meliodas and Elizabeth

1. Meliodas and Elizabeth have a son named Tristan

After the awakening happened, Meliodas became the new Demon King! Now he couldn’t stay in the Mortal Plane due to his expansive amount of power. Surprisingly Meliodas gives up his power to cancel out the ten commandments so that the “Real Demon King” could never come back. After resolving everything, he returned to Britannia. Despite everything, Meliodas and Elizabeth finally reunited and got married despite all the odds.

They soon had a child called Tristan. He appeared in the finale of the series. He’s a very enthusiastic and active child. He has a strong sense of justice and wants to protect his kingdom, including his family and The Seven Deadly Sins, especially after finding out about how they were framed for betraying the country. He says that he doesn’t want to become the Demon King or even a mortal king. Instead, he wants to become one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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