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Fahlanruk Episode 4: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Falhan and Sherbet
Falhan and Sherbet from Fahlanruk

Last Updated on October 1, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Fahlanruk is a Thai Drama. It is a BL romance drama. The show is adapted from a novel of the same name, which was written by BamBam. The story revolves around Fahlan and Sherbet. Falhan is a top student who is popular for his looks.  He studies economics and is always on top of his work. Sherbet is studying architecture. He is also passionate about music and singing. One night, they run into each other.

They meet each other for the first time at a restaurant where Sherbet is playing at a gig.  They cross paths with each other in the bathroom, and sparks fly between them. They end the night by having a one-night stand. Their relationship begins with sex as they continue to stay friends with benefits. But sometimes, one-night stands can turn into something more.

Soon, Falhan starts to feel more for Sherbet. He wants to get to know Sherbet personally and not just meet up to have sex. But Sherbet is scared. He pretends he doesn’t know Falhan and ignores him whenever he is in sight. This hurts Falhan, and he is not able to understand why Sherbet is doing this. Sherbet, instead of trying to understand his feelings, decides to run away and stay away from Falhan so that he does not get hurt.

Prince, one of their friends, finds out about their problem and tries to help Sherbet, but things take a turn. Falhan misunderstands this and thinks that Prince is also interested in Sherbet. Sherbet starts spending more time with Prince, and this makes Falhan jealous. Ping and Tap are also close friends. But complications arise for this pair of friends too. When Tap discovers that Ping likes him more than friends, this causes Tap to be taken aback, and they both also start to build a wall around their hearts, starting to distance themselves from each other.


 Tonkhao Chayuth Nitichakorn plays Falhan, and James Thanaboon Wisrungroj plays Sherbet. The series is directed by Chik Sakon Tiachaeroen and K Chainarong Tampong.

Fahlanruk Poster

Fahlanruk Poster

Fahlanruk Episode 3 Recap

The story revolves around how these two friends try to navigate through friendship and love. The show is targeted at more mature audiences, preferably 18+ as the show has some mature content and scenes. Many people are wondering what will happen next between Falhan and Sherbet. What will now happen between Ping and Tap? When will Fahlanruk Episode 4 be released? Read to find out below.

Audiences are enjoying the show and are hoping that Sherbet and Falhan, who both have their respective flaws, are able to understand their feelings and each other. Viewers are hoping for a happy ending for the pair of friends. The show depicts the morals and stigma related to friends with benefits and how it tackles that trope.  The show will aim to dive deep into BL romance and shows how romance blooms between two strangers.

Need a refresher of what happened in the previous episode of Fahlanruk? We’ve got you covered. In episode 3, Sherbet and Fahlan start falling out once they realize their feelings. It is revealed that Sherbet has a twin! This information will serve more useful in the upcoming episodes. Falhan is envious that sherbet is spending more time with Prince. Sherbet is actively avoiding and ignoring Falhan. Falhan tries his best to approach Sherbet and finds out why he is avoiding him.

Fahlanruk Episode 4 Preview

Continuing from Episode 3, in Fahlanruk Episode 4, we will see how and where Sherbet and Falhan stand with each other. Falhan tries to avoid Sherbet, hurt. Ping tries to understand his friend’s problems. Falhan’s friends try to console him and offer him advice on how to proceed with his relationship with Sherbet.

Fahlanruk Episode 4 Release Date

Sherbet fights with his inner demons and is seen getting close to Prince even more. Are Sherbet and Prince together? Are they going out? All this and more will be unveiled in Fahlanruk episode 4. Fahlanruk episode 4 will release on 2 October 2022.

Where To Watch Fahlanruk?

Fahlanruk Episode 4 can be watched on the site BiliBili TV with English subtitles.

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