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Casino Royale Ending Explained: How Did Bond Make Chiffre Angry?

Casino Royale
Casino Royale

Casino Royale’s ending was quite satisfying, and we are here to explain it all. The film was released back in 2006. It is a spy and action film made within the James Bond franchise. The plot is based on the novel of the same name by Ian Fleming. It is based on a spy named James Bond. Martin Campbell directed the film. Casino Royale marked the first film to have actor Daniel Craig in the lead role of James Bond. The film was a commercial success among the watchers. It was made on a budget of 150 million dollars. Upon its release, Casino Royale earned more than 616 million dollars at the box office.

This movie centers around James Bond during the early stages of his career as a spy. He has to work hard in order to earn a license to kill as Agent 007. This movie is based on the assignment which is given to James against the terrorist Le Chiffre. He happens to be a financier and threats the country with his presence. Thus, James is required to turn bankrupt at a high-stakes poker game which will happen at Casino Royale located in Montenegro.

Throughout the course of the film, we see that James falls in love with Vesper Lynd. Vesper is an employee at the treasury who will give the bond the money that he needs in order to win the poker against the terrorist. With Casino Royale, the story arc begins for Daniel Craig as James Bond. This arc ends with the 2021 film No Time To Die, the Bond film.

Casino Royale Ending Explained

A still from Casino Royale of Daniel Craig as James Bond

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How Did Bond Make Chiffre Angry?

By the mid of the film, we see that Chiffre is furious and desperate to get his money back. Thus, he hosts a Texas Hold ’em poker tournament. MI6, the spy agency, enters James Bond on their behalf. The organization believes that if Chiffre is defeated, he will then seek to go to an asylum with all the mental torture he will be put to. This will come with an exchange for information about his clients. Here, we see the entry of Vesper, who will give Bond 20 million dollars to buy in. As for Obanno, he is not happy that his money is missing.

Although, he lets Chiffre play at the tournament in hopes of getting his wealth back with the terrorist winning. Later, Bond kills Obanno. Bond loses the 10 million dollars that he initially started with, and Vesper now does not give him another 5 million dollars to enter the game. These funds are provided by Felix Leiter, who is a CIA agent. They hope to get Chiffre into American custody after he loses. The lover of Chiffre poisons Bond’s martini by Vesper, saving him from danger. When Chiffre loses, he kidnaps Bond and Vesper and tortures them to tell them about the password to the safe he has been keeping the money in.

Casino Royale Ending Explained

M has come back in the film and then starts wondering if Vesper was the real reason why Bond was taken hostage. It was because Chiffre initially threatened to kill the lover of Vesper if she did not follow his instructions. She might have traded the money in exchange for the life of Bond. Although, Vesper left her phone with him. Upon checking the contacts, it is clear that Mr. White was in the contacts. James then locates the man. He was at an estate at Lake Como. Before he turns the man in, James introduces himself with the famous line, and then the film ends.

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